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Synonyms for scrounge



Synonyms for scrounge

collect or look around for (food)

obtain or seek to obtain by cadging or wheedling

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SHARON'S neighbours would have been justified in giving her a smack in the mouth, but then they would be punished, not this lazy trollop who scrounges off decent folk.
She scrounges desolately in the woods for any food she can find, and it isn't until she takes in a ghostly white greyhound that her heart starts to open up again to others.
Jace scrounges off his parents (his dad's a metalhead who thinks his music stinks) and heads to the unemployment office, where - well, let's just say tonight's pilot offers the most unlikely scenario in recent TV history, in which a sexy young caseworker flirts randily with this beleaguered scofflaw traipsing through her office.
com also offers the "Money Makeover", a contest where winners are given access to a team of money "stylists" and financial planners who will "take you from one who scrounges the quarters that slipped between the seats of your car to a financially well-groomed mini-mogul.