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Synonyms for scrounge



Synonyms for scrounge

collect or look around for (food)

obtain or seek to obtain by cadging or wheedling

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Anyone with basic metal working skills, a welder and the ability to scrounge up some old pipe, flat stock and angle iron (bed frames work great) can build some steel tires and whip up some really ugly, flat-proof steel tiller tires.
I don't want to scrounge off society but what other choice do I have?
Animal species best able to scrounge out a living from whatever resources were available gained the upper hand (or hoof) over pickier creatures.
As a result her daughter must live on the few scraps of happy memories she can scrounge from a childhood diet of abuse and abandonment.
Surely it couldn't be because by over-estimating our energy usage they can scrounge more money off us and have it sitting earning interest in their coffers instead of ours?
The aim is to scrounge fuel supplies en route from restaurants and burger bars, avoiding fossil fuels at all costs.
However, I was disgusted with those who just come here to scrounge from our benefits system.
Over the course of a single day, these doomed souls scrounge and steal to feed their habits.
The poor throngs on the city's streets must make do with whatever they can scrounge.
Virgin boss Richard Branson may be one of the richest men in Britain - but he had to scrounge money from his wife at a charity ball.
It's the only hybrid that looks like a regular car,'' said Wohlfarth, who plans to scrounge up gas money moonlighting as a baby-sitter.
When you scrounge the cost is not "zero," you have put yourself into it, not just your money.