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afflicted with scrofula

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morally contaminated

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having a diseased appearance resembling scrofula

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1 Hippocrates (460-377 BC) mentioned scrofulous tumors in his writings.
Valentine notes that in The Hill of Dreams 'Machen allies himself with the Decadents by wickedly parodying a typical society reviewer, who fulminates against "the abandoned artist and the scrofulous stylist", preferring "a faithful reproduction of the open and manly life" .
Johnnypateenmike is a scrofulous gossip who has made a flourishing trade of snooping out and peddling "pieces of news" that he delivers with great theatrical flourishes.
The decoction of leaves is used for treatment of inflammation, eye-disease, toothache, leucoderma, enlargement of the spleen, ulcers, cancers, catarrhal fever, rheumatoid arthritis, gonorrhea, sinuses, scrofulous sores, bronchitis and as tonics, vermifuge, lactagogue and emmenagogue.
Greeley, the youngest, is "eleven, degenerate, weak, scrofulous," but "his white moist hands could draw from a violin music that had in it something unearthly and untaught" (15).
Keeping in mind the belief that air quality had a profound influence on bodily welfare, the beautiful must have found the regal savour as invigorating as the royal touch was refreshing to the scrofulous.
Yet the devil tormenting him in his hallucinations is "a small, nasty, scrofulous little demon with a head cold" (326), an incarnation of futility and triviality, a spirit with which Stavrogin identifies (757).
The healing ritual was structured around a liturgy of prayers and passages from the New Testament, while the royal surgeon led each person up to the monarch, in front of whom both knelt in obedience; the king or queen regnant then used both hands to touch and stroke the ill person's scrofulous sores.
3) George Yaney, The Urge to Mobilize (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1982), is idio syncratic in its organization and in its prose and style: "I detest bigoted peasants, scrofulous barbarians, and ill-mannered children, and I have no objection to their being mobilized" (9).
The preparation of leaves is used in catarrhal fever and applied to sinuses and scrofulous sores.
The paint is scabby and scrofulous in some places, rippled with mazelike whorls in others, while the sections that are smooth have a strangely plasticine appearance.
The originators of etchings and engravings rivalled the horror of Goya's world in their depiction of the river asa breeding ground for choleric, scrofulous monsters.
There was no major famine in the cities while the rural districts faced repeated periods of life-threatening scarcity and, further, diseases swept scores of scrofulous, rickety and under-nourished rural workers to early graves in the same way that cholera did to urban poor on the sweet Thames.
Thus, the murderers throughout the two films are not the slime of the earth, the aberrant psychopaths or scrofulous shadow-people, but rather, they are members of capitalist society's most prosperous and privileged class.
Tevolo caused condition; Fakatevolo: As or like pertaining to tevolo; Mahaki: sickness, disease or ailment; Kahi: name applied to various diseased swellings, such as goitre, scrofulous swelling and piles or hemorrhoids; Hangatamaki: boil, abscess, carbuncle or other such swelling; Vai: liquid, water, liquid medicine (short for vaifaito'o); Tulu'i: to drip medicine; Kaukau: healing bath or wash.