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afflicted with scrofula

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morally contaminated

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having a diseased appearance resembling scrofula

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The originators of etchings and engravings rivalled the horror of Goya's world in their depiction of the river asa breeding ground for choleric, scrofulous monsters.
Thus, the murderers throughout the two films are not the slime of the earth, the aberrant psychopaths or scrofulous shadow-people, but rather, they are members of capitalist society's most prosperous and privileged class.
Tevolo caused condition; Fakatevolo: As or like pertaining to tevolo; Mahaki: sickness, disease or ailment; Kahi: name applied to various diseased swellings, such as goitre, scrofulous swelling and piles or hemorrhoids; Hangatamaki: boil, abscess, carbuncle or other such swelling; Vai: liquid, water, liquid medicine (short for vaifaito'o); Tulu'i: to drip medicine; Kaukau: healing bath or wash.
The preparation of leaves used in catarrhal fever and applied to sinuses and scrofulous sores.
By the Middle Ages, the spa water had been "long used with great success, particularly in disorders of the eyes, scrofulous cases, old ulcers, leprosies and other diseases of the skin.
Clearly still very much the complete banker, he believes this will divert the scrofulous and indolent life-forms that currently cash in their food coupons in your local Tesco over to his preposterous and poncey website.
I am offering a quote to you, which I know is more representative of your impact and the impact of your colleagues at MLO than the scrofulous one you provided in your article: "The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium.
The leaves, when new, are suitable plasters with barley groats both for the inflammations of the eyes and for inflammations of sores; they dissipate all indurations and abscesses, scrofulous swellings of the glands, growths, and when gently rubbed on for five or six days, erase blemishes without ulceration; the leaves are also put up cured for the same uses.
Writing in the London Review of Books in April, Neal Ascherson made the same observation: a new style of Scotophobia is showing itself, very different from the old caricatures of mean, scrofulous rogues, and counter-pointed by what he calls 'Anglophilia', a nascent and (as yet) only half-political sentiment.
Its impure pictures may be life-like, but so would be the reproduction of a cancerous sore, or of a scrofulous ulcer.
But what is the best way to the heart of a man who thinks you're a scrofulous vagabond ripping him off at every given opportunity?
The worst example of this was the Cork workhouse scandal, where children who played in sewage pools in the workhouse yard were stunted, scrofulous, and often died.
He wrote that the sulphur water was a "highly esteemed cure for scrofulous habits and a valuable remedy for atomic gout".