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a form of tuberculosis characterized by swellings of the lymphatic glands

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In "Healing Angels and 'golden blood': Money and Mystical Kingship in Macbeth," Stephen Deng discusses how monarchs from Edward the Confessor to James I used golden angels to cure scrofula.
In addition, Johnson was slightly deaf, practically blind in one eye--a result of the scrofula he suffered as a child--and extremely nearsighted in the other.
The monarch's touchwas said to cure a skin disease called scrofula.
Thus "English kings were thought to heal scrofula by touch" with Charles the Second touching "nearly one hundred thousand sufferers from scrofula during his reign" (Noel 75).
Emma and Leon's first Romantic rapprochements are framed by the pharmacist's chemical effusions, including bronchitis, scrofula, ammonia, humus, and other cattle emanations (74-79); later, on their excursion to a new flax mill, they move closer to each other, amidst the apothecary's son stepping into a heap of lime (94-95).
Some of these offenses may have been expressions of popular Catholic belief, such as touching for scrofula or the use of healing water.
Johnson had a series of debilitating diseases: asthma, scrofula, combulsions, palsy, dropsy and gout.
12) As a result, workhouse children tended to be stunted and unhealthy, often afflicted with scrofula (tuberculosis of the neck and skin) and opthalmia (an eye disease).
It is covered with shiny metal discs like scales or molluscous scrofula and it pays no attention at all to its surroundings (dim as those are, they surely deserve better than the amorphous blue intrusion).
His disdain for Johnson is typical: "He contracted a disease called scrofula .
Henry Miller (1991: 22) notes that historically the vagrant was seen as a person of "many vices and debilities; was sickly and suffered from the ravages of tuberculosis, typhus, cholera, scrofula, rickets, and other disorders too numerous to mention; was apt to be a member of the despised races; [and whose] life was characterized by all the usual depravities: sexual license, bastardy, prostitution, theft.
The Royal Touch: Sacred Monarchy and Scrofula in England and France.
touch," the ancient and miraculous action of curing scrofula traditionally administered by the hands of an anointed sovereign;
People like the farmer at Sturminster Newton who, in the belief that it would prevent the spread of disease, stuck black thorns into the heart of any calf that died and the 'wizard' at Bagber Bridge who sold little bags of toads' legs as charms against scrofula.
Although blacks suffered from these maladies, they suffered worse from dysentery (the bloody flux), pneumonia, whooping cough, diphtheria, measles, scrofula, tetanus or "jawfall," cholera, and even forms of pulmonary tuberculosis.