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a form of tuberculosis characterized by swellings of the lymphatic glands

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In little over a month, almost the whole of Scotland was under his control and he was holding court in Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, touching for scrofula and hosting balls for local beauties (several dresses allegedly worn to dances there appear here).
Scrofula and secondary scrofuladerma are no longer common syndromes, but with a growing number of immunocompromised patients, they are an important diagnosis to consider.
Scrofula was seldom fatal and given to spontaneous cure or remission, but in old times belief in its power was strong and King Henry IV of France is reported to have touched and healed as many as 1,500 individuals at one time.
His book details the many physical and mental afflictions that beset Johnson: scrofula, partial blindness, neurological disorders, chronic depression, emphysema, a testicular tumor--the soul-crushing list goes on.
He remarks in his 1803 The Temple of Nature; or, the Origins of Society: "As many families gradually extinct [sic] by hereditary diseases, as by scrofula, consumption, epilepsy, mania, it is often hazardous to marry an heiress, as she is not unfrequently the last of a diseased family.
Scaramelli remembered that as soon as the Scottish king acquired his English crown he had said that, unlike his Tudor predecessors, he would not practise the most significant aspect of English sacral monarchy, the miraculous healing of scrofula by the royal touch, as he did not wish 'to arrogate vainly to himself such virtue and divinity, as to be able to cure diseases by touch alone'.
The neighbor approached Alice with the concoction when one of Alice's daughters lay dying from scrofula, a tuberculosis-related disease, having been pronounced hopeless by attending physicians and left to die.
Having had occasion to examine numerous children on the French Shore, Jan also diagnosed many more cases of scrofula than normal.
One lady was here who had scrofula in the hand so bad that she had a hole through the palm of the hand; after staying here for a few weeks, she returned to her home, her hand cured.
ONCE upon a time people believed that the monarch's touch would instantly cure their string-warts and scrofula while banishing bad breath and footrot.
10) It provides evidence of the concept of the sacred and miraculous nature of royalty, supplementing the belief in the ruler's power to cure diseases such as scrofula, which is the main focus of Bloch's book.
The whole herb was used medicinally in the form of a decoction with cumin and milk in fever, nervous debility, loss of memory, syphilis and scrofula.
Yaoxian, who is suffering from scrofula and a conjunctiva meningitis, was said to be critically ill, reports the China Daily.
Entries include "difficult birth," "infant scrofula," "poor eyesight," "bronchitis," "breathing troubles," "bowel problems," "facial pain," "rheumatism," "gout," "dropsy," stroke," and "testicular tumour.
What was the tradition associated with the condition scrofula, or king's evil?