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Synonyms for scriptural

of or relating to representation by means of writing

Synonyms for scriptural

of or pertaining to or contained in or in accordance with the Bible


written or relating to writing

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He made some legal arguments but bolstered all of them by referring to how scripturally "faithful" people like the Green family and Kim Davis, really are.
It is through their material manifestation in script in the tree bark that the names of these poets are contrasted both scripturally and iconographically with Burns's bust on a pedestal that also features his name.
Thomas's congregations viewed the majority culture scripturally.
But by 1866, this same text was used to prove that they were indisputably Shi'a Imami Ismalis and that payments to the Aga Khan (the sirkar-sahib or pir of old) were legally and scripturally in order.
Many aspects of modern Judaism are not scripturally based; moreover, Jewish scripture developed and evolved over time: canon formation was a process.
Such is the case with The Gospel According to Mary, Mother of Jesus which is scripturally sound, culturally sensitive, and in modern language.
Perhaps the most interesting (and important) of these is his analysis of the modes of God's presence through ruach (the divine breath that gives life to the world) and shekinah (the actual presence of the Spirit of God in our lives) and, in doing so, he presents the scripturally convincing case for God's working in and through our lives.
Evangelicals welcomed new texts and tunes so long as they were scripturally based or personal in tone, while Anglo-Catholics stressed the revival of ancient texts and tunes that reinforced Catholic liturgies and traditions of communal worship.
Likely because of the less human-centered expectation to which mortals are invited--the scripturally suffused expectation that God Himself will do something about the problem; maybe not the "something" yearned for on the basis of human analysis, but something more, shall we say, theologically rooted.
Scripturally, his mission was not to found a new religion but: 1.
In two final chapters, "The Aesthetics of the Church" and "Aesthetics and Social Transformation," Dyrness provides practical guidance through the long Christian tradition for Protestants who crave ecclesiastically and scripturally grounded resources for richer, more affective and more literate daily Christian disciplines.
We are all aware of many misuses of well-intentioned and scripturally derived and theologically justified interventions throughout history--such as the dunking test for determination of who was or wasn't a witch.
These deceitful tactics, the concealment of malevolent intentions -"taqiyya" --are scripturally mandated.
Kerry's writing goes beyond theoretical, is validated scripturally, and evidenced experientially.
A much clearer image emerges too for what habits of mind are likely to emerge between scripturally authoritative Christians and kashrut-observant Jews at table together.