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Synonyms for scriptural

of or relating to representation by means of writing

Synonyms for scriptural

of or pertaining to or contained in or in accordance with the Bible


written or relating to writing

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If General Synod deems the blessing of same-sex unions to be scripturally sound and consistent with core doctrine, it must "develop a vehicle for considering whether it is better for us to stay at the table and insisting on ongoing conversation with all of the other parts of the Communion--particularly those where gay and lesbian relationships constitute illegal or even criminal activity--or to walk away from our Anglican brothers and sisters, and our ecumenical partners," they added.
Overall, for Tertullian, Christianity was Revealed Truth, his theology was scripturally based, the New Testament to be taken at face value, not as allegory.
So eager am I to be educated scripturally, I picked up the book immediately.
Following this crucial but now misunderstood sixteenth- to eighteenth-century revolution, the West's churchgoers unwittingly adopted oral religions that were, and remain, far more Judeo-Muslim in outline than scripturally Christian.
He said he "definitely" intends to continue receiving Communion, and would be loathe to leave a parish where he enjoys a strong sense of community, ritual and scripturally based teachings.
Determined to create a scripturally accurate depiction of the betrayal, passion, and crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Academy Award-winning actor/director Mel Gibson commissioned a script written entirely in New Testament Latin and Aramaic.
The triple method's application was known but was being debated and it was a burning issue whether liberation was to be achieved by the performance of scripturally enjoined duties (including meditation on Brahman) or solely through scripturally generated knowledge.
Possibly she saw her cunning as divinely sanctioned, scripturally influenced or inspired.
This assent was given symbolic expression in the baptismal dialogue, the simple and scripturally based formulae of faith known as the regulae fidei, and in the early creeds that sprang from these formulae.
The scripturally based, personal insight that the author provides is one-of-a-kind, and goes against the common grain of corporate America, but reveals proven strategies to overall success.
SCRIPTURALLY SPEAKING, WE MEET MARY AT THE ANNUNciation and travel forward with her in time.
An articulate communicator Dean's writing is a brilliant, scripturally sound, spirit anointed, powerfully passionate.
Young Tarwater has no ecclesial or sacramental means for requiting the divine eros by offering what the Book of Common Prayer calls his own "sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving" Yet the youth has been scripturally well formed by Mason Tarwater.
The Trinitarian understanding of God was described scripturally as well as identified theologically in the early days of the church by Athanasius (293-373) with further refinement by the Cappadocian theologians Basil, Gregory of Nazianzus, and Gregory of Nyssa.
Although Luther rejected ordination as a sacrament, he eventually viewed it as scripturally warranted and as functionally effective and useful.