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Synonyms for scriptural

of or relating to representation by means of writing

Synonyms for scriptural

of or pertaining to or contained in or in accordance with the Bible


written or relating to writing

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Larcher was nervous until reassured by finding the subjects to be Scriptural.
The doctor here will bear me out that on one occasion I tried to kill him for the purpose of strengthening my vital powers by the assimilation with my own body of his life through the medium of his blood, relying of course, upon the Scriptural phrase, `For the blood is the life.
We are obliged to become vaguely poetic, or to take refuge in Scriptural reminiscences.
The only scriptural admonition that Ralph Nickleby heeded, in the letter, was 'know thyself.
8221; It is a collection of scriptural principles and wise counsel from church leaders and professional counselors and is organized as a daily journal for those pursuing the twelve step addiction recovery program.
The First New Testament: Marcion's Scriptural Canon
He clearly found in Augustine's De doctrina christiana a key to what he considers the proper interpretation of Scripture, and his book clearly illustrates his conviction by bringing Augustine into dialogue with various expositors of contemporary hermeneutics and its relation to scriptural interpretation.
The Fourth Gospel and the Scriptures; illuminating the form and meaning of scriptural citation in John 19:37.
The TD added: "Abortion is murder, therefore sin, which is the religious argument, is no more sinful from a scriptural point of view than all other sins we don't legislate against - like greed, hate and fornication.
According to the Hazon Ish (Sefer Hazon Ish, Orah Hayyim, siman 50), the activation of an electric circuit on Shabbat violates the scriptural prohibition of boneh.
They met at the annual Society for Scriptural Reasoning conference held at Huron University College in London, Ontario in Canada at the end of June.
As the reading and interpretation of Judeo-Christian scripture came to be central to Protestant versions of soteriology, a new emphasis on basic literacy skills and on individualized engagement with scriptural texts emerged.
More specifically, in his article "Vaisnavism on Hans Kung: A Hindu Theology of Religious Pluralism," (4) Yadav proposed Vallabha's doctrine of scriptural realism as a viable paradigm for interreligious dialogue.
This "new sanctuary movement" is simply a tactic overlaced with scriptural labels ("welcome the stranger") to protect illegals in this country who are being subsidized by U.
Christian thinkers would especially benefit; Adams challenges those who follow Habermas to take instances of public argumentation seriously as he shows how the practice of scriptural reasoning could function as an alternative to Habermas' thheory of communicative action Theologians and philosophers alike should attend to this work, though Adams largely aims his essay at Christian theologians.