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a room in a monastery that is set aside for writing or copying manuscripts

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TROUBLE AT THE SCRIPTORIUM is a tale bursting with imagination.
Peter was built in 799 by Bishop Egino, who introduced many changes into the type of script used in the scriptorium.
van Dijk, "An Advertisement Sheet of an Early Fourteenth-Century Writing Master at Oxford," Scriptorium 10 [1956]; 47-64.
The spaces are based on the monastic experience and the idea is to look for modern equivalents of seven key areas: the cell, cloister, chapter, chapel, garden, refectory and scriptorium.
Jerome's work process illustrates the practices of the times: he dictated to a notarius and the text was given to a trained and educated scribe who would make an examplar that would be used by copyists in a scriptorium as the basis for more copies.
The site is mostly in the ownership of Wirral council, but the Chapter House Chapel and former Scriptorium, which are only accessed through the council-owned Priory grounds, are owned by the Diocese of Chester.
Without denying that great intellectual achievements distinguished the century, Bisson contends that beyond the scriptorium and cloister darker realities characterized the experience of the mass of the European population.
The cloister's lower floor is given over to communal spaces such as the refectory, scriptorium, library and offices, with the monks' cells above, single loaded around an inner spinal corridor.
Paul Auster's Travels in the Scriptorium (London: Faber and Faber, 2007) depicts the complex and multidimensional role of the prison as a disciplinary apparatus.
7 scriptorium," is on exhibit at Maude Kerns through Feb.
Indeed, the author demonstrates that the Peutinger map may be the product of the Reichenau scriptorium, a prototype which was the result of Carolingian imperial designs articulated by a Benedictine establishment (p.
The mapping of Protestant narratives onto ancient Jewish and Christian histories, as well as the park's most explicit departure from its first-century restoration of Jerusalem, takes place in the Holy Land Experience's themed exhibit, the Scriptorium.
The team of archaeologist Popkonstantinov from the University of Veliko Tarnovo has also discovered fragments of Byzantine ceramics and a book lock near the seal, which is seen as a proof that the Knyazhevski Monastery was a scriptorium of the Bulgarian royal family in the 9th and 10th century when the Slavic literature was developed in the First Bulgarian Empire.
The seven volumes took a decade to create, and feature the work of artist and calligrapher Donald Jackson, who works in the Scriptorium in Wales.