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a room in a monastery that is set aside for writing or copying manuscripts

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The second section, Le lecteur dans le scriptorium, contains three chapters that deal in various ways with professional readers involved in shaping the transmission of texts, including translators, scribes, and commentators.
El capitulo sobre "La evolucion del libro medieval en Europa" subraya la importancia de los monasterios -sus bibliotecas, el scriptorium, materiales y sistema de la copia- y edificacion de Catedrales y Universidades--con la importancia de nuevo sistema de copia de libros, la pecia--.
The monasteries allowed the scriptorium to develop and the wonderful hand-painted Books of Hours, prayer books for the wealthy few, are still world treasures.
All this is about to change when a chant book produced by the monks at the scriptorium for Lady Margaret's mother contains a page full of errors, with notes inked in the wrong color.
Trouble at the Scriptorium is a historical novel for young adults, set in medieval England.
Due to British weather the 2013 production is being presented inside the cathedral, metres from the ancient scriptorium where they were written.
monastery had a scriptorium, a library and an academy.
It was in the Reichenau scriptorium in the mid-800s that the architect's plans for the renowned Swiss St.
Although the Seattle Times lamented the book's length, and the Washington Post complained of too much off-topic padding, other critics relished the digressions into topics such as the eye-opening goings-on in a monastic scriptorium.
Do the manuscripts offer evidence for a scriptorium where Gower supervised the preparation and revision of his texts?
Na segunda lista, sao dispostos cronologicamente apenas os testemunhos que permitem evidenciar a evolucao do acervo na fase mais antiga do scriptorium.
The spaces are based on the monastic experience and the idea is to look for modern equivalents of seven key areas: the cell, cloister, chapter, chapel, garden, refectory and scriptorium.
Jerome's work process illustrates the practices of the times: he dictated to a notarius and the text was given to a trained and educated scribe who would make an examplar that would be used by copyists in a scriptorium as the basis for more copies.
The site is mostly in the ownership of Wirral council, but the Chapter House Chapel and former Scriptorium, which are only accessed through the council-owned Priory grounds, are owned by the Diocese of Chester.
The cloister's lower floor is given over to communal spaces such as the refectory, scriptorium, library and offices, with the monks' cells above, single loaded around an inner spinal corridor.