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Synonyms for scrimp

Synonyms for scrimp

to be severely sparing in order to economize

Synonyms for scrimp

subsist on a meager allowance


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Families scrimping, saving and living with plastic isn't new.
After scrimping and saving most of his working life, pensioner James Smith had enough to live off with some left over to leave his family.
David said: "After scrimping and saving and having two jobs for 17 years, it's a bit of a shock to the system.
With the LAPD scrimping for every dollar to hire more cops, officials say they need to find more efficient use of the overtime money.
The National Assembly has been accused of many things but scrimping on the surroundings for AMs and staff has not been one of them.
It also serves to show the hard grafters at the Dee4Life campaign, who have been tireless in their event- organising to save their club from the grubber, that the dough they are scrimping and scraping to raise is being put to good use by the players.
Can just imagine blue-collar Baghdad Bob coming home from a busy day of street looting: "Hey, honey, remember those 200 CCs of pure industrial grade anthrax we were scrimping and saving, hoping one day to raise a stake big enough to buy?
We are still scrimping for pennies at the end of the month.
Scrimping, saving, and making do with old stuff is a hot trend.
Suppose you're Tony' Ridder, the CEO of Knight Ridder, and you've had a terrible year, not making quite as much profit as the previous year and being forced to do all sorts of terrible things like laying off people and cutting the salaries of the working stiffs and scrimping and saving in every possible way.
No scrimping on what it might cost to save the brand, because doing nothing at all will end up costing much more.
A fawning staff greets you by name, and let's hope the private flight attendants are former state beauty queens: considering what the shareholders are spending for your airborne comfort, no sense scrimping on aesthetics.
You'll be supporting companies that are deemed socially responsible but without scrimping on your investment returns.
Inadequate funding levels result in technological scrimping, lack of training for managers and workers results in a 'make do' attitude, and governmental managerial uncertainty has created an environment antithetical to a commitment to teleworking," according to the report.
As usual, Carr's not scrimping on his guests - among others, he's lined up the hilarious Miranda Hart, actor Vin Diesel, and the Inbetweeners stars James Buckley, Simon Bird, Blake Harrison and Joe Thomas plug the second film in the franchise.