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Synonyms for scrimp

Synonyms for scrimp

to be severely sparing in order to economize

Synonyms for scrimp

subsist on a meager allowance


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So, this special edition of Super Scrimpers couldn't have come at a better time - even if it doesn't tell us how to forage for our Christmas dinners and buy all the family's presents for under a fiver, any tips that will help us put a bit more cash aside for the festive season will be most welcome.
Super SCRIMPERS SPECIALS c4 8pm Strict Mrs Moneypenny (left) is on hand with pennypinching tips to get us through those many cold, dark nights - from cleaning the house to entertaining the children.
Super Scrimpers, Cook Me The Money, Cash In the Attic, Make Do And Mend, The Ultimate Guide to Penny Pinching, Making Space, and the most recent, The Great British Sewing Bee (why the American 'bee')?
These scrimpers will embrace the wartime spirit and show us their clever - and funny - ways of saving money.
Cash conscious Brits are a nation of scrimpers who even recycle soap to save money.
To prevent a volcanic reaction to jobsworths, paper pushers and budget scrimpers find a release valve.
spend a little time with me, says Anne Robinson as she meets families who just can't resist splashing out before comparing notes with our nation's biggest scrimpers PICK OF THE DAY Britain's Spending Secrets (BBC1, 9pm) PENDING money is back in fashion - as a nation we are spending a whopping PS6 billion a week.