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Synonyms for scrimp

Synonyms for scrimp

to be severely sparing in order to economize

Synonyms for scrimp

subsist on a meager allowance


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Now the 42-year-old has won a TV search to find the nation's biggest scrimper.
To prevent a volcanic reaction to jobsworths, paper pushers and budget scrimpers find a release valve.
spend a little time with me, says Anne Robinson as she meets families who just can't resist splashing out before comparing notes with our nation's biggest scrimpers PICK OF THE DAY Britain's Spending Secrets (BBC1, 9pm) PENDING money is back in fashion - as a nation we are spending a whopping PS6 billion a week.
There's a casino for gamblers, a pound store for scrimpers, and a football ground for those who think Leicester City can stay safe in the English Premier League.
Initially only Channel 4-commissioned shows such as Undercover Boss, 24 Hours in A&E, Rude Tube and everyone's favourite Super Scrimpers will be available but Channel 4 has said it is hoping to add US studio content to the service "as and when possible.
The scrimpers return with a series of money-saving tips, from teaching us how to make a stylish pin cushion to telling us of a nifty way to organise our DIY essentials.
profoundly lets go: to the solemn misers, lust-striken scrimpers, she
Like the Great Depression in the 1930s, the Great Recession seems destined to turn many Americans into lasting coupon-cutters, scrimpers and savers.