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Synonyms for scrimp

Synonyms for scrimp

to be severely sparing in order to economize

Synonyms for scrimp

subsist on a meager allowance


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Most scrimped and scraped to pay their dues Holes in pockets, holes in shoes But no complaints or talking back Just get a grip or get a crack.
Craig Pope, 20, and Claire Owen, 21, scrimped and saved to buy their five- month-old daughter, Seren, presents for her first Christmas.
THERE was a time when Scots scrimped and saved to pay up their summer holiday in weekly instalments for a whole year.
They scrimped, made choices, and restricted the immediate consumption of their family and, especially, themselves in order to invest family resources in a domestic infrastructure whose construction helped to feed the boom.
Now we want to help those who miss out because they have scrimped and saved, put a little aside for their retirement but who no-one could say are well-off.
In retrospect, Brown maintains a deep but conflicted affection for Dorothy, who scrimped and saved to provide her child with every opportunity to rise above the darkness and dirt of their north Philadelphia neighborhood.
The pensioners who have scrimped and saved for their retirement who are not entitled to a Passport to Leisure card and pay full council tax are being penalised with these changes.
Friends last night told how the divorcee has scrimped for years to bring up 14-year-old son John.
But nevertheless, it's nice to get credit from elsewhere - and the new Lonely Planet guide has certainly not scrimped on the praise.
Everyone knows about those aluminum cans, and how he worked seven days a week all those years - knows he and his wife scrimped and saved for their kids' education, never spending anything on themselves,'' he said.
Suppose you have scrimped and scraped all your life and saved pounds 100,000 for your old age, like a good man and wife should, what happens?
Gary Moncrieff scrimped to buy equipment and set up Allusion FM in his girlfriend's flat in Renfrew.
Angela - who earns pounds 16,000 a year - has scrimped for years to bring up son John, 14.