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a firm open-weave fabric used for a curtain in the theater

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A number of design sensitivity studies were performed to determine the dependence of current density levels on pad geometry, scrim impedance distributions, and other variables.
Also, plastic scrim towels torment your shipmates in the pulper room because the plastic filament clogs up the system and the paper content does not process well in the shipboard Plastics Waste Processors.
Look at cheaper alternatives too - lining fabric, scrim, ticking and calico can be dyed, painted with fabric paint or stamped with simple motifs.
In the first four chapters of the book she explores the issue of female sexuality in The Faerie Queene by considering the ways in which Spenser describes the appeal of woman as she is revealed to male characters (and readers) in dream and in nightmare or through a scrim composed of society's empty categories of beauty and of class.
Contract awarded for acquisition 6,000 diapers diapers (packages of 8 diapers), with a soft cover in emergency care de santa catarina pinula, the scrim ii
More complex were two landscapes in which figurative elements on both sides of the diaphanous scrim work in tandem to create recognizably Jamesian topographies.
At night, more than 400 blue LEDs mounted on the inside edge of the scrim reflect onto the building's glass-and-metal facade and back onto the exterior aluminum skin to transform the facade into a glowing lantern.
The new solvent portfolio provides upgrades to the Oce solvent specialty Photo Paper, Backlit Film and Fabric lines, as well as new competitively priced Scrim Banner and Adhesive Backed Vinyl products.
In The Line Between, that line is represented by a scrim, on which Seliger projects Rosas' painting Looking for the Romantic.
Scrim started his working career with the Royal Bank of Canada and later became involved in the construction industry in Canada with Beaver Construction Group in Montreal.
Russel Currie Scrim 1918-2006, past president of the Pipe Line Contractors Association of Canada (PLCAC), died Aug.
Here, the thin scrim is manipulated three-dimensionally with greater freedom than the watertight volumes it veils.
Brown makes much of empty space and uses a white scrim (imaginatively lit by Paul Pyant) to impressive effect.
Adding to the effect, the designers have created an ever-moving interior "sky" by projecting images onto a canted scrim of metal mesh, suspended over the entire entrance space.
He was anxious to explore computer technology in opera and this Giovanni provided the opportunity for innovative and quite visually appealing scenic representations, notably enhanced by John Boesche's multimedia projections against a giant scrim positioned at the rear of the stage area, behind which the orchestra sat.