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For an installation in two parts at Dia, Prologue: x 183 (April-June 1998) and Excursus: Homage to the square' (through June 1999), Irwin has divided one floor of the building into eighteen square cells walled in semitransparent scrim.
It may exist as a supported reinforced stand-alone protective barrier with a scrim backing, laminated to nonwovens or as a double thin film material supported and fused onto a scrim between the layers.
A translucent skin that simultaneously reveals and masks an older building beneath it, cloth scrims and etched glass behind which silhouettes of bodies appear, layers of "transparent" glass that serve to disorient more than they reveal, electronic images projected onto a facade that doubles as a screen - the object of analysis is not the surface itself but the interdependent relationships engendered between the structure and the spectator.
2 mm thick brown 3)ec scrim garnishing undyed 50 mm 4)ec scrim garnishing green 50 mm
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 25, 2017-French Construction Materials Supplier Saint-Gobain Acquires Scrim Manufacturer Kirson
Interestingly, one trend the company already is seeing is that customers who previously had been using a scrim backing between nonwovens and a fabric face skin have been able to eliminate the scrim.
I have been told to get it done with alumasc scrim adhesive to the brick - costing PS800 - before any top coat is applied.
Between them lies a scrim (a screen that seems translucent or solid, depending on the lighting) where the two forms converge.
layinka son of Ogboye crouched before a white scrim long ago poised to
A decorative blue-gray scrim that was installed to cover the scaffolding preserves the shape of the monument and replicates its marble blocks.
We did a straight scrim and a diagonal scrim, made of cheesecloth, which gave it a ghostly and gauzy quality.
WHITNEY MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART * June 27-September 1 * Curated by Donna De Salvo * Scrim veil--Black rectangle--Natural light, a work.
The clear laminate is available in 54-inch (137 cm) rolls and features a 2 x 2 scrim count.
For this year's London Marathon, Harrison supplied 32km of knitted poly-air fence scrim - a lightweight fabric which is easily rolled out onto temporary barrier fencing and has perforations to allow the wind to pass through without resistance.