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a sharp-pointed awl for marking wood or metal to be cut

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The number of 3G and 4G users reached 14.6 million till month of July, constituting around 81 per cent of the country's total broadband sub- scriber base.
The following details are given to identify the scribers and dates of their scribing:
Pre scribers would also be trained on how to recognize opioid abuse and addiction.
''The use of stable currency has been the main driver behind the increase in sub scribers as operators are now able to purchase the necessary equipment to expand
Despite the fact that paybox Foxtel, with 1.3 million sub scribers, is now 100% digital, less than half of Oz households have signed up for digital terrestrial TV, among the lowest take-up in the world.
The teachings of the Jesus of Nazareth and His words are much eloquent and influential than anyone of the faked Jews' Scribers and Priests.
A small minority of sub scribers - out of the 150,000 who lost out - were hoping to share a Elm pay-back in time for Christmas.
Managed-care companies such as health maintenance organizations and preferred provider organizations must select and retain qualified physicians who will provide quality services to their sub scribers, according to Margolis & Co.
Consider, the largest religious website, which gets 20 million page-views per month and dispatches some nine million advertising-laden e-mail newsletters to sub scribers every day.
Brazil is one of the Latin American countries that still, as far as counting sub scribers, has a very large number at the entry level.
Typical parts include bed knives, wire flattening rolls, tool tips, scribers, punches, and spray nozzles.
The Scribers and friends relaxed at the Big Pool Campground, generally west of the fire damage, where the trail was thick with old-growth trees, sword ferns and maidenhair ferns.
Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Borries Marking Systems USA will supply laser markers and scribers to a Hyundai assembly plant under construction in Montgomery, Ala.
September 1948 The Progressive, revived by contributions from sub scribers, endorses Norman Thomas for President.
Results: "The larger the Web site gets and the more people experience us online, counterintuitively the more print sub scribers we get," Nisenholtz said.