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a sharp-pointed awl for marking wood or metal to be cut

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With open-source tools you are not stuck with something that is proprietary,' noted Scriber.
"Group leader has a role to make sure that everyone participates in the discussion" but the term scriber was new to all students: "I hear this word for the first time'' (5th year student).
The data showed that till July, the number of technol- ogy-wise broadband sub- scribers included DSL 1,480,672 users, HFC 43,362 users, WiMax 487,582 users, FTTH 19,490 users, EvDO 1,334,725 users and the num- ber of others users was 6,089.
Seemingly in thrall to the troubadours of yore (Leonard Cohen, Simon & Garfunkel), Scriber is the talented twenty-something who excels in the sort of hushed reveries more latterly given oxygen by Bon Iver and Josh T Pearson.
suppressalis amplified significantly with the increase in nitrogen (Cruz et al., 2001; Scriber, 1984).
"My scriber, Lesley El Alami, played a big role in my time at university as did my signers, especially Leanne Routledge who was with me throughout my final year."
Adaptation to local climatic conditions is extremely common in butterfly species and can create strong differences in thermal tolerance and life history traits between populations (Ayres and Scriber, 1994; Pelini et al., 2009).
Doug was in Los Angeles giving a presentation in conjunction with an award he'd received when, at the conclusion of his talk, a woman in the audience went across the convention center to find one Kent Scriber, a professor of Exercise and Sport Sciences at Ithaca College in upstate New York.
The fact that Youssef Maaty -- Adel Imam's most frequent scriber and writer of last summer's hit "Hassan and Morqous" -- penned the script automatically gave the film a much-need cachet.
Dent C, pode estar associada a algum mecanismo de resistencia que interferiu negativamente na nutricao das lagartas, pois, segundo SCRIBER & SLANSKY JR.
These rates are related to the growth of the organism during its feeding period, in order to assess how food properties affect the performance and adaptation of the insect (Scriber & Slansky 1981).
When I was a kid I designed a magazine called The Wild Club--my little sister was the sole sub scriber. It contained pictures, stories, and puzzles all relating to wild animals and the environment.
Botanists have already accepted the idea of this kind of hybrid species, such as some native sunflowers, says insect evolutionary ecologist Mark Scriber of Michigan State University in East Lansing.
"He was professional, a Torah scriber who produced special works," the attorney said.
The two latest systems, high-speed scriber markers, are positioned prior to final assembly in the paint area, according to Jose Cervera, launch supervisor.