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the top of a container that must be screwed off and on

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From the get-go, Meal Tickets insists that the Screwtop Detonators are a band that should be famous.
Now I'll be danged if I got me a "DINK" on the big, flat-head screwtop at the end of my tube on my tubefed, lever-action stainless steel shorty .
But there's always someone who wants to put a damper on things and, this time, it's not those pesky republicans but the drooling, flag-waving royalists themselves who fear that one of the lower orders is getting the keys to the palace and that the wedding breakfast will be Gregg's steak bakes and screwtop Lambrusco.
It is advisable, he says, to use corks instead of screwtop bottles because the mixture can get frisky and explode.
3lbs sloes; 4oz caster sugar; -oz almond essence; 1 bottle gin Wash sloes and spear with a fork before pouring into a ' gallon screwtop bottle or jar.
You cannot use screwtop bottles--the neck is weaker and may break.
Instead, I just popped into Asda -admittedly the face of corporate America in the UK - and bought myself a bottle of the very tasty screwtop Stellar Orqanics Sauviqnon Blanc 2006 (Asda, pounds 4.
99, Phil specialises in wine advice without the jargon, taking readers through choosing wine for food, assessing bottles by price, label and vintage, and the eternal cork versus screwtop debate.
A SUPPLIER of screwtop bottled wines to supermarket chains Tesco and the Co-op has been bought by a quartet of senior managers.
He opened a drawer to find approximately 40 lb of mercury stored in a polyethylene bottle with a screwtop lid.
One of our planes, Screwtop 600, had been loaned to a sister squadron for two months because they were short a bird.
Many people have so much trepidation about opening a bottle of wine, especially in front of someone else, that bad equipment will only confirm their fears and send them running for screwtop bottles.
Kitchen-friendly shatterproof plastics screwtop jars have been chosen for most products with the two most popular lines, Brown Sauce and Tomato Ketchup, in 4.
But several codes in the microscopic cover standard data, including L29 for refrigerating urine for cultures and L36 for dispensing one drop of urine into a screwtop vial.