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Synonyms for screw-loose

not behaving normally


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Now when that gets out in the paper, I'm going to be one of the screw-loose people.
I don't know what was on her mind but she turned into Screw-Loose Woman as she burst into a rousing rendition of I'm Just A Girl Who Can't Say No
Maggie, a screw-loose downtown New Yorker, is more than just broken-hearted - she's on a serious revenge mission.
The award-winning actor plays the screw-loose sleuth hired by the Miami Dolphins' marketing director (Courtney Cox Arquette) to sniff out their missing mascot and quarterback Dan Marino.
Before being extradited to Africa to stand trial, a notorious Belgian criminal (Jean-Luc Couchard, exuding screw-loose energy) is entrusted to the Marseilles police department for less than 24 hours.
Harner as her pensive, pent-up momma Artie; and Bobbie Holtzman as the screw-loose matriarch Dorothea.
Along the way, they encounter a host of colorful characters, including a screw-loose soldier (Alan Cumming, who co-produced), a bartender working toward becoming a professional clown (Amy Sedaris) and a woman whose beautifully decorated trailer home reflects a melancholy obsession with mermaids (Deborah Harry).