screw up

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  • verb

Synonyms for screw up

Synonyms for screw up

make more intense

screw or turn higher

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twist into a strained configuration

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Stop *Effing Yourself: A Survivor's Guide to Life's Biggest Screw Ups" is a book on staying resilient through all of the miserable screw ups in life.
Personally, it's symbolic for me because, despite the project costs and screw ups, I went ahead," he said.
One of the most powerful loyalty drivers available to professional services organizations comes from situations most of us dread -- screw ups -- the implementation that never worked or the problem fix that never stuck.
It's a normal tradition for a couple to want to capture every moment of their wedding day, but what happens when the younger members of the wedding party have unpredictable plans of their own-- Here are seven of some of the biggest (and funniest] flower girl screw ups on the web: