screw up

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  • verb

Synonyms for screw up

Synonyms for screw up

make more intense

screw or turn higher

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twist into a strained configuration

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After I arrive back, I take a moment and share my screw ups with Ryan and apologize for my ignorance.
David Eddie writes that no one is perfect, and the difference between a perennial screw up and someone who isn't is how one responds to said screw ups.
Screw up and then preside as an authority figure over fellow screw-ups.
The fact is, we screw up all the time on racial stories.
In sectors like finance and engineering, internships are paid, often well, and a job is usually more or less assured, barring any catastrophic screw ups. Sure, those industries are throwing around more money in general, but in light of that it doesn't seem unfair for publishing interns to receive, at the very least, minimum wage.