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having a lid with a spiral groove

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VERDICT: A clear plastic tub with large silver rim detail and a neat plastic dispenser with a screw top - this was packaged impressively.
Sage leaves can also be picked in summer, dipped in boiling water and again in cold to keep the colour, then placed on baking sheets to dry in the airing cupboard, before storing in screw top jars.
Manufactured in a Class 7 cleanroom production facility, the screw top tubes are certified RNase- and DNase-free and non-toxic, according to the USP class VI test.
AN UNUSUAL and rare pair of Moorcroft acorn-shaped white glazed with an orange lustre salt and pepper pots, with a pottery screw top, early 20th-century.
But it will take a lot to shift the attitudes of those who for all sorts of reasons, including snobbery and vested interests, would never allow their wine to be sealed with a screw top, or a plastic cork - no matter how effective it might be.
John Conover of PlumpJack Winery in Oakville, California says cork mold ruined five to eight percent of his bottles before he switched to screw top closures eight years ago.
99 screw top bottle of rosA, but clearly Ministers have more expensive taste.
It features a two-piece, snap on screw cap, with an easy to open pull ring and a resealable screw top.
People who love wine are so accustomed to the theatrical presentation of the bottle and the orchestrated performance of a skilled sommelier easing out the cork that they may be disconcerted by something so simple as a waiter flicking his wrist and turning a screw top.
While their lineage is decidedly different, they share a common trait: a screw top.
Knight Engineering and Plastics produces injection moulding items for the packaging sector, such as aerosol overcaps, dispensing closures and non-dispensing screw top closures.
A single screw top stuffer has been introduced by the company for use with its range of modular, high speed twin screw extruders with screw diameters from 18 to 135 mm.
2 per cent of screw top bottles suffered from sulphidisation and other problems connected with the wine not breathing," according to U.
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