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a woodscrew having its shank bent into a ring

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Make a small pencil mark on the lining at each pulley or screw eye center.
The screw eye isn't easy to twist into the head of the shrimp, but you can do it.
Prop it on a mantelpiece or add a square of plywood glued to the back and small screw eyes if you want to hang it.
What I didn't have were detailed instructions, but I forged ahead and attached a cable to one of the enclosures, passed that cable through clip on a screw eye, and undertook to hoist the enclosure to a likely height.
You also require safety pins, a staple gun, or panel pins or self-adhesive Velcro, Austrian blind cord, screw eyes and a brass hook or cleat.
MATERIALS LIST 3 feet of 1/4-inch copper tubing Double (Y) hose connector 3 brass reducing bushings 1/4-inch compression fitting Swivel hose connector Large screw eye Teflon tape
All you need is fabric glue, a packet of safety pins, a length of braid, panel pins or brass tacks, self-adhesive velcro, two screw eyes, a brass hook and some Austrian blind cord.
For hardware you will need deck screws, a few lag screws, shingle nails, a screw eye and about six feet of rope for pulling the sled.
Insert a screw eye into one end; if desired, sharpen other end into a point.
Twist a small screw hook into each spindle end and a screw eye into a 6-in.
If you'd like a restraint to confine your goat loosely to the stanchion, attach screw eye (K) to the right side near the bottom of the keyhole.
Tenders are invited for Wire Adjusting Screw 12 Mm Long Range With Screw Eyes To Suit Rdso Drg No Sa-6065/M, As Per Specification No.
To finish up the sign, add screw eyes and a wire to the back in order to display it.
Screw eyes often break when you put them into the frame and will not hold once you apply tension and weight over time.
Before you screw down the benchtop, predrill holes for the screw eyes that will act as drawer stops.