screw auger

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hand tool for boring holes

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Soil from the hopper goes onto a conveyor belt to a mixing chamber at the beginning of a screw auger. Concurrently, cement and water are added to the mixing chamber.
"We were looking at a large mash filter and we saw that underneath it they had an auger system, a kind of screw auger, and I thought, 'Wow, that is really an efficient way to move the spent grain,' " Rogers said.
Patent 8,622,726 (January 7, 2014), "Injection Molding Apparatus Having a Rotationally Controlled Screw Auger," Richard Ernest Fitzpatrick (Koalesce, Inc., Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA).
A screw auger advances pellets to a heated zone of the barrel, and then melt is transferred to the injection zone in front of the inline plunger.
The signal is processed by the PLC to control the rotational speed of an inverter-driven geared motor coupled to an accurate screw auger in a flavour dispenser.
in operation, a screw auger fee coated sand into Thermfire's upperchamber; sand should be free of metal but may contain pea-size lumps.