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a sloping mass of loose rocks at the base of a cliff

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If this is not possible, grow alpines in a scree bed similar to the stony litter found at the foot of hillsides.
A clay base is acceptable, provided that the scree does not become a sump.
Rocks placed in the scree can sit on top or be slightly buried, tilted so that the lines of the rock strata appear to disappear into the slope, and just a little off the horizontal, never vertical.
The research focused on the fauna of invertebrates in screes of the Czech Republic was considerably intensified after modified pitfall traps were developed (Ruzicka 1982, 1988b).
To answer these questions we compiled all available records of spiders from screes of the Czech Republic, obtained by pitfall traps exposed for a longer time, and added available information on environmental factors, either measured or estimated in other ways at sites where the spiders were collected.
The investigated screes are formed by andesite, basalt, conglomerate, limestone, phonolite, quartzite, sandstone, granite and other kinds of rock.
Or you can combine gravel with larger, craggier rocks to make a scree bed, which mimics the lower slopes of mountains where stone has fallen from the rockface to become colonised by alpines.
Rockeries are traditional features of English gardens but they can look out of place if the garden is completely flat, and this is where the scree garden comes in.
In the wild, a scree is a landslip of broken rock or gravel which forms a gentle slope.
My next effort was a scree, that rocky apron of smaller rocks and gravel often found at the foot of cliffs providing niches for plants to take hold.
Aims include creating habitats in speciesrich grassland to attract back birds such as skylarks, treating screes and quarry faces to encourage their use by peregrine falcons and work to halt the advance of grey squirrels to protect red squirrels.