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a filmed audition of an actor or actress

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The festival offers three separate events: Screen Test Local Fest Friday, April 20, 7:30 p.
Screen Test Local Fest: The Screen Test Local Fest is open to students who live within 30 miles of Schaumburg and are U.
Screen Test International High School Competition: The Screen Test International High School Competition is open to all high school students from anywhere in the world.
Michael, now aged 71, was born in North Shields and began his broadcasting career on the BBC's Look North before becoming host of Screen Test.
Back on home turf at the Tyneside Michael will mull over some clips from Screen Test, talk about his career and present his own version of the programme.
Bingle interviewed singer Damien Leith during her screen test.
The films he shot with it and with the sound camera he acquired late in 1964 are, as Callie Angell writes in her introduction to Andy Warhol Screen Tests, "finally receiving long-overdue recognition as one of his greatest accomplishments.
Angell likens the Screen Tests to a "yearbook of the mid-1960s avant-garde" and also to "stem cells" of Warhol's portraiture.
Andy Warhol Screen Tests transposes this accounting of the criminal body to the filmstrip as body--the evidence of an enterprise that operated outside the law.
To order a Mold Screen Test kit, an Indoor Air Quality-Screen Test Kit, or a Professional Indoor Environmental Quality kit, call (800) 422-PURE (7873) or visit Pure Air on the Web at http://www.
The application of scents from the Olfaction Screen Test smell diskettes is fast and reliable and allows for easy testing of olfaction function in the clinical setting.
Dennis Hopper in a screen test moves his head to the beat of a music the silent film can't include.
In a second screen test of "Baby" Jane, she chews a stick of gum: The wrapper, briefly visible, seems to identify it as Wrigley's Doublemint.
DVD special features "fit for a princess" include Additional Scenes, Hilary & Haylie Duff's Music Video "Our Lips Are Sealed", Cast Commentary, Screen Tests, Fashion Tips, Find Your Prince/Princess Challenge, and more
1); newly discovered screen tests of the final and near-final cast, including Leslie Nielson, Cesare Danova and Haya Harareet; the addition of the seldom-heard Overture and Entr'acte music; the behind-the-scenes documentary, "Ben-Hur: The Making of an Epic"; the original theatrical trailer and an on-the-set photo gallery featuring Wyler, producer Sam Zimbalist, cameraman Robert Surtees and others.