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Synonyms for screen off

partition by means of a divider, such as a screen


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Network Rail promised to screen off the 20ft ramp with mature trees after I highlighted her case in January.
Communications screen off websites which instigate terrorism.
Donald Trump built similar mountains of sand to screen off homes around his Menie golf estate in Aberdeenshire.
A coffee coloured canvas perimeter will screen off the external seating area and there are also plans to put up a coffee coloured awning outside.
A hinge prevents a user from taking the screen off to function independently as a tablet, but that design gives Lenovo more design flexibility and lets it make the device more of a fully functional laptop, he said.
The lights might have been dimmed more to set the screen off better; a typical Symphony Hall problem where, years ago, even Billy Connolly struggled with the lights on.
If you turn the screen off, so you were listening to him on radio, you would think he was white," Dr Starkey said during the 10-minute discussion.
A policeman stands guard outside the Ladbrokes betting shop on Lavender Hill near Clapham Junction in London yesterday after dramatic scenes were shown on news bulletins the previous night of rioters attempting to pull a large plasma screen off a wall inside
Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) officials feared there would be injuries during rainy spells with fans slipping so they turned the giant screen off.
A police source said: "Nobody could quite believe the governor not only forgot to turn the screen off, but kissed a woman on screen.