screen memory

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an imagined memory of a childhood experience

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Okinawa is in a sense the screen memory for the death of Belkhodja's own lover, and then again, Okinawa is the counterpoint to the immolation of Hiroshima that is addressed in Resnais's opening sequence.
That is, the image in a screen memory is "real" because it is fresh, seemingly untransformed.
Sprightly Finnish kidpic "Hayflower and Quiltshoe" gets off to a roaring start with some of the most memorably bratty behavior in recent screen memory.
Returning to "Le Mentir-vrai," we might see all of the narrative involving Pierre--what I've been calling the pseudo-childhood narrative--as one huge screen memory, but a screen memory that pushes Freud's conclusion to its logical consequence by calling itself a fiction.
In a 1920 footnote to the Three Essays (1905) Freud stated explicitly that fetishism functions in the matter of a screen memory, and in this context also amended his earlier theory of the origins of fetishism.