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a long monotonous harangue

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a long piece of writing

an accurately levelled strip of material placed on a wall or floor as guide for the even application of plaster or concrete

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As the different formulations of the screed could be made by merely altering the concentration of the liquid screed additive, FlexiDry helped the contractors accommodate unexpected plan changes without causing huge amounts of wastage.
A full-floating, adjustable and vibratory screed is standard on both Power Box models.
Make a screed board long enough to rest on the level pavers around it.
The primary requirements are rapid setting, rapid hardening and rapid drying properties of the pumped screed mortar, these being essential to enable early access and installation of other materials.
Usually weighing less than 10,000 pounds, gravity-fed pavers rely solely on gravity to feed asphalt from the hopper to the screed assembly.
IT'S HARD to imagine even the most dedicated Bush-basher being excited about the prospect of yet another polemical screed against the president and his cronies.
George Bawa and brothers Jose and Steve Fernandez have developed Pro- Screed which aids ground preparation prior to any groundwork such as block paving.
In the vanguard of innovation Svedala has been called in to test lay the material with new paving screed.
Execution of screed and flooring work in 3 construction phases.
com)-- With quick drying time accompanying quality and cost efficiency, FlexiDry F0 fast drying floor screed won hands down as the screed choice for the new London Blackfriars station.
Advanced Construction Materials' (ACM) Pumpable Floor Screed PX-1 is a cementitious self-smoothing compound based on the latest in cement and polymer technology.
Maintaining feed augers with the proper head and uniform flow of material to the screed.
Altroflow PU, which is a medium duty 4mm thick matt finish screed that is designed to be specified for use in light to medium traffic areas that are subject to the occasional chemical spillage at temperatures below 60[degrees]C:
Contract notice: Fraunhofer iwks hanau - new building in hanau - v_170_750034_11 screed works
However FlexiDry triumphantly stood the test and defied the dipping temperatures to deliver an optimally dried screed for Foulds School Barnett, right within the promised time period of 21 days.