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Synonyms for screeching

a high-pitched noise resembling a human cry

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From the veranda he had seen him fling sticks of exploding dynamite into a screeching mass of blacks who had come raiding from the Beyond in the long war canoes, beaked and black, carved and inlaid with mother-of-pearl, which they had left hauled up on the beach at the door of Meringe.
A screeching of asthmatic springs greeted the weight of his body, but he did not notice them.
One of his fore-paws slipped out through the slats or bars and rested on the bottom of the wagon where the trunks were squeaking, screeching, and jigging.
The life lines were only for the strong and well, and little good were they even for them when the women and children, the bananas and cocoanuts, the pigs and trade boxes, the sick and the dying, were swept along in a solid, screeching, groaning mass.
He got the woolly-head by the middle, and away he went, the poor devil, head, shoulders, and arms out of the water all the time, screeching in a heart-rending way.
There was a tremendous snarling and spitting and screeching.
I was driving home yesterday evening by the lower road (which is the road by the river bank), and, drawing near to the inn here (they call it a hotel; it's nothing but an inn), I heard the screeching of the landlady half a mile off.
The mother lay screeching on the floor, the tears running down her furrowed face.
As he raised himself to look over the bracken at his enemies, the staring color caught the eye of the bailiff, who broke into a long screeching whoop and spurred forward sword in hand.
And sinking back into delirium, I would take the idea with me and be immured in madhouses, and be beaten by keepers, and surrounded by screeching lunatics.
On those occasions the sense of superiority which the large bird feels every where over the small, warmed their cool blood, and set them screeching cheerfully in the stillness of the night.
The retreat, I maintained-- and I was right--was caused by the screeching of the steam-whistle.
Open the door of some place where I can lock this screeching Hell-babe,' cried Sikes fiercely; running to and fro, and dragging the boy, now, as easily as if he were an empty sack.
Witness Laura Lucardini, 72, said: "I saw the postman bashing the lid down and realised he was smashing it on to the cat, which was meowing loudly, screeching.
Tourists have stopped coming since the bikers keep screeching their bikes and cars, hoping to get applause from bystanders which doesn't happen.