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Synonyms for screeching

a high-pitched noise resembling a human cry

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That's after screeching at fellow celebs for the heinous crime of trying to take a picture of her, and informing everyone in yet another bathroom that she saw poo in a toilet.
be it repeated barking, whining, screeching, howling, braying or other like sounds .
Tommy Price, aged 75, said the plane bounced four times before screeching to a halt.
Rachel's suspicion instigated when the six-year-old African grey started screeching, 'Oh Claire, oh Claire' as she cuddled up to Andy on the sofa.
THE Tories were jumping around like a pack of screeching chimps over alleged irregularities in funding for the Peter Hain deputy leadership campaign.
35am on Saturday, June 23, with his pet when neighbours heard screeching tyres.
We returned each week to hear them screeching, singing, screeching, as
PALMDALE -- When firefighters heard screeching coming from a well early Tuesday, they couldn't imagine whooooo was inside.
In an uncanny coincidence, the DJ's record skipped at that very moment and the music came to a screeching halt.
Last night she was screeching at the Saunders family for killing their kids with sugar.
He said that the night before he and his wife heard loads of screeching.
The crushing also stretches out the impact: Instead of the car screeching to a stop in an instant, its kinetic energy is absorbed over a longer period of time.
has enjoyed a warm relationship with Religious Right groups like the Family Research Council in the past--but that came to screeching halt July 29 when Frist announced he is changing sides on the issue of stem-cell research.
He's pretty good at varying the speech of the large cast of characters with different voice levels and accents, although the screeching voice of the town's mayor (and her cackling laugh) is a bit over the top.
That means your grader's sloping operations just came to a screeching halt