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Synonyms for screecher

someone who communicates vocally in a very loud voice

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By taking on the role of Dougal, the Staying Alive screecher could progress to much fiercer parts.
On 58 minutes Fowler cut inside Andrew Duncan to blast a 25-yard screecher over Barrett's bar.
MSI also manufactures a number of other personal protection products: Muzzle dog repellent; the Screecher, a small personal alarm that emits a loud sound when activated; Big Jammer, a door brace; and Peppergard, a pepper-based spray for self-defense.
The lights went out on another screecher when Portugal's infamous Michelle Larcher De Brito was silenced in straight sets by Italy's Francesca Schiavone.
If I see any more of the ginger screecher, I'll scream and scream and scream until I'm sick.
As for the accolade of worst in show, that has to go to screecher Amanda Claire as the narrator, whose top notes at the start of the second act were enough to make even the hardest of hearing recoil in acute pain.
30pm) FORMER Atomic Kitten screecher Kerry McFadden (nee Katona but now the wife of Westlife's Brian) tonight takes on the likes of mighty TV matchmakers Cilla Black and Davina McCall to present her very own dating show.
These include Muzzle, a canine repellent aerosol; Screecher, a sonic emergency alarm; and Big Jammer, a heavy-duty door brace.
And James' dad Monty, 61, clearly hopes a little Street Screecher will quickly follow.
So we were more than happy to accommodate babies, on the assumption any screechers be removed from the proceedings.