screech owl

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any owl that has a screeching cry

small North American owl having hornlike tufts of feathers whose call sounds like a quavering whistle

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Eviscerations were performed in 19 birds: 5 captive birds of prey of 4 different species (1 eastern screech owl [Megascops asio], 1 great horned owl [Bubo virginianus], 2 red-tailed hawks [Buteo jamaicensis], and 1 bald eagle [Haliaeetus leucocephalus]), and 14 free-living owls of 3 different species (1 great horned owl, 4 barred owls [Strix varia], and 9 eastern screech owls).
To our knowledge, no values have been published to date for Eastern screech owls (Megascops asio) (EASO), barred owls (Strix varia) (BADO), or broad-winged hawks (Buteo platypterus) (BWHA).
Keating and his wife, Wendy, have red tail hawks, a Harris' hawk, snowy, European barn and screech owls and peregrine falcons, among other birds.
If you live in the west, there is a Western screech owl.
Eastern bluebirds, great crested flycatchers, eastern screech owls, fox squirrels, flying squirrels, tree frogs--the list goes on.
It essentially tells of his 25 years watching a family of screech owls.
She won the national Younkin-Rivera Prize for Young Writers for poetry in 2008, and this year her work appeared in The Screech Owl and Busting and Droning Magazine.
The day I met Nada, she was releasing a tiny screech owl that had been knocked for a loop by a hailstorm.
The court heard how officers also made note of a Western Screech Owl on sale for PS300.
His father maintains that the dreadful wailing noise they hear is a screech owl or a car alarm, but twelve-year-old Conor O'Neill's grandfather, versed in Irish folklore, knows better: it is a banshee.
know how to keep the orphaned screech owl before release
Gold: Beeston - On the huh (Norfolk); Silver: Marble - Dobber (Greater Manchester); Bronze: Castle Rock - Screech Owl (Nottingham) SPECIALITY BEERS.
Chief offender on the ladies' side is retail entrepreneur Luisa Zissman who described herself as having "the body of Jessica Rabbit and the brain of Einstein" - unfortunately though, she also has the voice of a Screech owl and practically renders the whole programme unwatchable whenever she attempts talking in whole sentences.
The Screech Owl Centre near Newquay in Cornwall has a special area for hand-reared owls where, under supervision from a staff member, visitors can meet and touch owls from its collection.