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Synonyms for screech

Synonyms for screech

a long, loud, piercing cry or sound

to utter a long, loud, piercing cry, as of pain or fright

Synonyms for screech

a high-pitched noise resembling a human cry

make a high-pitched, screeching noise

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Screech scored two tries, Jack Dixon the other with Josh Lewis kicking two penalties and three conversions and Jason Tovey one.
The Dragons crossed for a fifth just before the hour mark, with Screech forcing his way over after a flowing move had been stopped short.
My name is Nicole Screech. I became interested in a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science due to the wide range of diversity it offered me; not only throughout my study, but also in future career opportunities.
Adrenaline junkies also packed into an oval circuit at Moat Street car park to watch drifters and gymkhana drivers screech around the track in a cloud of smoke.
NEWPORT GWENT DRAGONS: C Meyer; N Scott, A Hughes, A Warren, A Hewitt; D Jones, S Pretorius; P Price, R Thomas (c), B Harris, M Screech, R Landman, N Crosswell, N Cudd, L Evans.
Samuel "Screech'' Powers of the 1990s TV show "Saved by the Bell'' has become almost an icon -- for gross ineptitude.
After tracking Yafano's eBay account, officers confirmed that the sale of the Western Screech Owl was completed in November 2012 and the bird had been exported to a US taxidermist - without a valid export permit.
know how to keep the orphaned screech owl before release
Screech teaches history of art at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), U.
I was stuck between (F) the screech owl, because its call rarely approximates a screech, and (I) the long-eared owl, because its real ears are behind its eyes and covered by feathers.
While at my parents' home in Heuvelton, I observed this screech owl in the maple tree in their backyard.
In my neighborhood two dogs (we'll call them Barkly and Screech) are set off anytime a person or, for that matter, small woodland creature passes their yard.
In the middle of the night I pretended I was being dissected by grade school kids with safety scissors so I could screech in agony just like Zorro.
caterwauled so damn much, Po pussy had to screech. Their racket rocked
The owls, Tiago, a twoyear-old Little Owl, Scopy, a 10-week White-faced Scops, Tropicana, a 14week old Tropical Screech, Westie, a 14-week Western Scops, and Indie, a 14week Indian Screech, will be on hand, together with head falconer, Geoff Bates, to partner groups of children on walks each day.