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Synonyms for scream

Synonyms for scream

to utter a long, loud, piercing cry, as of pain or fright

to proclaim in a blatantly startling way

a long, loud, piercing cry or sound

something or someone uproariously funny or absurd

Synonyms for scream

a high-pitched noise resembling a human cry

a joke that seems extremely funny

utter or declare in a very loud voice


Related Words

make a loud, piercing sound

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New Delhi [India], Feb 15 ( ANI ): A passenger has documented a 'nightmare'-ish eight-hour flight, where a 'demonic' child screamed and rampaged through the entire trip.
She screamed when she saw a spider on the bridge going to a Bushtucker Trial.
NEARLY 33,000 children have screamed their heads off at screenings of Monsters Inc in Coventry city centre over the past six weeks.
Who screamed out to a frivolous world on dark nights, who was terrified and all alone.
And she screamed along with the audience the first time she saw herself being stalked on the big screen.
I screamed for a few minutes, but there was no rousing my fellow queens.
After half term, cinema bosses will work out in which city the kids have screamed the most - and how many screenings of the film they would have powered.