scratch paper

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pad for preliminary or hasty writing or notes or sketches etc

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After that is finished you will submit your scratch paper to the proctor.
They may have wondered about which operation to use, looked at their scratch paper and seen subtraction (as was actually required by items 1, 2, 4, and 6), and continued with the same operation.
I draw on napkins, the back of scripts or scratch paper.
I listened to the nib scratch paper and watched his face in the wavering light.
Changes planned for the Spring 2001 writing assessment include: the range for the total writing scores will be 1 to 15; two text-based writing tasks will be administered on different days; a prewriting sheet and scratch paper will be provided; and the text-based writing prompts will be formatted closer to the stand-alone prompts.
Scratch paper, masking tape, rubber stamps, and metallic ink (optional)
We have so much scratch paper in our house now, with Mom back in school.
Material not normally shredded under this policy includes obsolete forms, manuals, logs, proof tapes, and scratch paper.
Use both sides of the paper before you recycle it, and you'll never need to buy scratch paper again
It's like we went from scratch paper to WordPerfect almost overnight.
Whether it's reusing old stationery as scratch paper, setting up a recycle bin for cans and water bottles, or separating boxes and newspapers, make sure materials in the office are sorted to be recycled.
Provide students with scratch paper, pencils and time to draw portraits or self-portraits.
When in doubt, have scratch paper on your side to test the colors first before using them.
Supply and delivery of paper for printing on laser printer and copier and scratch paper on all sites of the University Pantheon-Assas Paris II.
On the scratch paper, make pencil sketches of your image until you are happy with it.