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pad for preliminary or hasty writing or notes or sketches etc

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Scratch pads should be used to mix the powder and mercury together until the metals look like a paste.
GAO-02-488R March 6, 2002 Text The National Interagency Canada Lynx Survey (Protocol) was designed to determine the presence of Canada lynx through deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) analysis of hair samples recovered from scratch pads in forests in the northern United States.
Capping it off was the bonus of a hot pad holder, pen, scratch pads and a handsome plastic bag to carry the loot home.
Paper is recycled internally by using it as scratch pads, and plastics and glass are sent to recycling centers," concludes Soares.
Complete with a private entryway, adjustable ramps, scratch pads, glass doors and aluminum edging, Gaudio's litter box station meshed his apartment's modern design aesthetic with his cats' desire to have a private place of their own.
The common link to the past is that its promotional products are all paper products, such as custom-printed composition notebooks, journals, legal pads, steno notebooks, scratch pads, scrapbooks, book covers and bookmarks with whatever advertising or logos the customer wants on them.
They signed the memorial book - one of the cheap scratch pads that Roberts always carried in his pocket.
Mathcad enables personal computer users to perform calculations and solve problems, providing a "live," easy-to-modify software alternative to scratch pads, whiteboards, calculators and spreadsheets.
It is best known as a national supplier of customized coil notebooks, journals, memo books, legal pads, scratch pads, mouse pads, notepads, etc.
With no extra cost to users for this guarantee, Microchip is the logical design choice for any system requiring maximum endurance performance and highest reliability, including scratch pads and data acquisition applications such as meeting and monitoring -- to name a few.
With the enriched colony housing system, there are furnishings such as perches, scratch pads and nest boxes which enable the hens to engage in their natural behaviors.
With white boards (both digital and analog) lining the hallways and kitchen tabletops acting as scratch pads, the space encourages brainstorming and interaction.
Like Never Rust pads, Never Scratch pads resemble steel wool, but they don't rust or splinter.
Nonstick cookware is just one possible use for Never Scratch pads.