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I had no idea what I was going to do, but instead of knocking their door, I took my door key and used it to scratch along the length of his car, which was outside.
The England international, who is seeking a transfer, called in police after a supporter used a key to scratch along the length of his Jaguar XK8 motor.
Where else would the car hire man shake your hand as he gives you the ignition key and do the same when you return it without even asking if you'd collected a scratch along the way?
She found there was a scratch along the bonnet of her Renault Clio.
THE government's drug advisory body is "fatally flawed" and should be rebuilt from scratch along the lines of the Bank of England, Professor David Nutt declared yesterday.
The white man in his 20s also threatened the 36-year-old and gouged a deep scratch along her car after she had left it at the Hollywood Bowl, Teesside Retail Park, Stockton.
shop workers scratch along on poverty pay whilst seven directors of Tesco earn over pounds 1ma year.
We need to rebuild our whole system from scratch along the Dutch lines and Wim would be perfect for that.
Stephane Fiset, who has a bruised thigh, was a scratch along with Boucher, Doug Zmolek and Sandy Moger.
A massive scratch along the roof of Andrew Walker's car has led to him facing a possible pounds 1,000 bill and missing out on a holiday.
Much of it is nothing more than a scratch along a ridge with 500-foot drops to the right and vertical cliffs to the left.