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Synonyms for scrag

a person who is unusually thin and scrawny

lean end of the neck

Related Words

the lean end of a neck of veal


Related Words

strangle with an iron collar

wring the neck of

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Stretching for a mile in front of me was a vibrant-green meadow dotted with pine trees, rocky scrags, and on closer examination --velvet-racked muleys.
Maybe it's just that the scrags who brazeningly barge their way into the fella's lavs just realise they don't have enough class to walk through a door marked "Ladies".
Saracens prop Ben Broster (left) scrags Leicester scrum-half Austin Healey during Monday's clash
Even as his professional world transforms around him here in Toronto, Ledger looks perpetually disheveled in jeans and a red T-shirt, his signature blond tresses shorn to a buzz cut that crests in an imposing widow's peak, with sparse scrags of beard that suggest the outback of his native environs.
Like his model, Frederic Church, who painted his Edenic visions of Jamaica immediately following the tragic loss of two of his children to diphtheria, Brakhage achieves an optimistic resolution to his examination of the bleak arctic bay in the last five minutes of the film by contrasting the surging waters and the flinty scrags with a vision of verdant northern woodlands and sunlight piercing vaults of leaves.