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Synonyms for scraggy

Synonyms for scraggy

being very thin

having a sharply uneven surface or outline


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The soil was barren, scarcely affording pasture for a few miserable cows, and oatmeal for its inhabitants, which consisted of five persons, whose gaunt and scraggy limbs gave tokens of their miserable fare.
As she uttered this criticism, she glanced approvingly at her small mirror, as who should say, I thank my stars that can't be said of me!--as it certainly could not; for Miss Miggs's style of beauty was of that kind which Mr Tappertit himself had not inaptly termed, in private, 'scraggy.'
He is twenty years younger, but has something of the same spare, scraggy physique.
Scraggy hair, a couple of zits and a snarl to rival an angry cat but still, incredibly, somehow, Kate Moss looks hot.
Padraig and Philly seem to love their adopted lamb, Scraggy - but at times they hate one another.
PRANK Shayne Ward fell for it 1 Louis prepares for the transformation 2 Artist applies the face mask 3 Already Louis is unrecognisable 3 Already Louis is unrecognisable 4 Scraggy hair and 'tache complete look 5 Louis looks about 20 years older GOLDEN OLDIE Louis Walsh as pensioner for British version of Anonymous
The All Saint, who has pounds 4million in the bank, turned fashion sinner in tie-dye trousers, scruffy black polo neck and a scraggy scarf.
Crowe, who put on 40lbs for the part, overacts to the point of comedy while DiCaprio looks just too young for his role, even with a scraggy beard.
Scraggy the lamb was born on the remote island six months ago and was earmarked for slaughter.
EVEN a scraggy beard can't hide the fact that David Schwimmer is no Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp, so it's not surprising he's calling time on his acting career.
GEORGE CLOONEY Beard's a bit scraggy, but it looks all white; PIERCE BROSNAN Former 007 likes acting the goatee; BRAD PITT Hair's my new look; DANIEL CRAIG Nice try Bond, but we know it's you
Never mind rock star looks and flash clothes, in his leather jacket and his shoulder-length hair and scraggy beard, Mullins could be any guy in any bar.
'Come on then, daddy's other darling.' The festival of licking and petting continued with both dogs - scraggy little scraps, thought Michael, hoping that neither would cock a leg or sit straining on the carpet to 'do a poop' as the admiral genially described his pets' anarchic excretions.
Scraggy fingers grasp the sky Their fleshy leaves now long time lost, Returned to earth from whence they came A ruined crown now dressed with frost.