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any of various flat-bottomed boats with sloping ends

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a barge carrying bulk materials in an open hold

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The ministry said six people have been rescued and the skipper of the scow has been arrested.
Tina Dion, a Cree lawyer in Vancouver, met Scow in 1996 when he appealed to her University of British Columbia law class for help.
Adam Scow is the California Campaigns Director at Food & Water Watch.
one is taken immediately to the first page of the scow.
Little Casino has a terrifying description of a kid attempting a leap from this pier onto a scow, falling into the water and suffering a gory death, as the scow is pushed by a swell and crushes him against a supporting timber.
I've command of a trim-built scow, was launched at Hackensack; 'Twas just one year ago when the tide was very slack; I carry garbage down from the city to the sea; The finest boat in all the fleet is the gallant Muddy Day.
Sea Quest Kids presents free programs, first come, first served, where they teach kids to build a boat in two days: They make a 10-foot scow skiff, the paddles, oars, mast and outboard bracket.
The SCOW became active on a variety of feminist issues in addition to spearheading the effort to develop Women's Studies and to establish what eventually became the McGill Centre for Research and Teaching on Women (MCRTW) in 1988.
Karen Whonnock, The Scow Institute, Aboriginal Courts in Canada, April 2008 www.
Adam Scow with California's Food and Water Watch says that the failure to measure and regulate chemicals in municipal water supplies leads to distrust of the government's ability to guarantee safe water: "When stories come out about problems with tap water, it also promotes the privatization of drinking water and the consumption of bottled water, while we should instead be pressuring government to upgrade existing systems.
fungi: 18:2 m6,9c), many PLFAs are shared among organisms; thus, biomarkers must be interpreted with caution and with consideration of sample environmental conditions (Bossio and Scow, 1998).
Which brings us back to our initial point: The show none-too-subtly suggests that dining out is akin to trolling through a garbage scow (another chef, Anthony Bourdain, issued a similar warning albeit less stomach-churningly in his book "Kitchen Confidential").
Solid rubber tires of a size capable of carrying 10 passengers, a lot more in an emergency and with all the grace of a mud scow.
From a lumber batteau working on a log jam, to an eccentric cobbler traveling from island to island by sailing scow, to trains wrecks, hootchie-cootchie dancers, coastwise cargo schooners, and so much more, readers are treated to unique perspectives captured by a camera's lens and documented life and work in the state of Maine during a sixty year span that begins in 1860 and ends in 1920.