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an adult member of the Boy Scouts movement


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The reception in Al Mekhwat in western Saudi Arabia was hosted by fellow scouters to express their gratitude to Al Omari following 38 years of service.
As agencias podem captar as adolescentes por meio de um scouter (cacador de talentos), um agente, um booker (profissional que negocia os trabalhos das modelos), um produtor de elenco ou qualquer outra pessoa que esteja envolvida profissionalmente com a contratacao de modelos (Libardi, 2004).
Finance web site, while stock scouter ratings are extracted from MSN money web site.
They were: Lifetime Achievement Award - Honorary Scouter Laurie Minney.
They were five members of Wrexham's K2 explorer Scout Unit, with their Scouter, the hooded tops form part of their uniform, the 'blades' were my own secateurs and pruners, and the money they wanted was a donation to their funds.
Takahiron Kawamura and colleagues at Toshiba's Corporate Research and Development Center, in Japan, have developed WOM (word-of-mouth) Scouter to allow shoppers to get the latest reviews for a product they are looking to buy simply while they are in store.
In my Boy Scouts troop newspaper, The 809 Scouter, I called myself "our intrepid correspondent" when I filed dispatches from summer camp.
Alsoa lifelong Scouter and bowling enthusiast, his funeral at St John's Church, Canton, Cardiff, was packed with friends who liked and respected the quiet, hardworking man.
For those who would rather hunt from their armchair than read, there's the "Smart Scouter.
s Outlook: Selections from the Founder's Contributions to The Scouter from 1909-1941 (Ottawa, 1979), August 13, 1937.
Each Scouter is required to undergo a refresher course in youth protection every year they are active.
The following were awarded a Medal of Merit: Mike Huggins, district secretary; Roy Sharp, honorary scouter of 1st Loftus Scout Group.
As a dedicated Scouter, he ably proved that he was prepared to help other people at all times.