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a stew of meat and vegetables and hardtack that is eaten by sailors

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Matt Davies, from Mersey Races, centre, organiser of the ECHO Scouse 5k, gathers some support Picture: ANDREW TEEBAY
Mark Graham, 28, who runs a Facebook fan page in honour of Scouse women, decided to post the song online in the hope of attracting the attention of Liverpool ladies.
Dr Hamer will discuss the work of local novelists Joan Jonker and Katie Flynn, and look at how they make fictional characters sound authentically Scouse.
From their room at the Dole, Garston Control Said: "Alright der, come in Scouse 1".
You can take a Scouser out of Liverpool but you can never take the Scouse character out of anyone born here.
It's so popular, in fact, even clubs, events and promoters now refer to the weekend as a 'Scouse Takeover.'.
Whether it's a big night out in town or simply running to the corner shops, you can guarantee plenty of Scouse girls won't be leaving the house without theirhair, make-up and outfitall carefully curated.
Apart from being a type of stew, Scouse is now used as an adjective, as in Scouse humour or Scouse pride, while Scouser is widely applied to a native of this city and its surrounds.
I find the Scouse accent a bit difficult but I will try my best.
His lyrics, which include "I really want a pretty Scouse lady to sit on my knee, to be with me" has attracted more than 80,000 views on Facebook.
Vicki Sloane said: "I think Sheridan Smith is a great Cilla but there are some seriously dodgy Scouse accents going on from others.
However, the branches of the department store in Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds saw a higher sale of eyebrow wax and darker pencils as shoppers go for the Scouse brow favoured by England football captain's wife Alex Gerrard and Coleen.
The company is offering its customers a free 'Scouse Brow' kit, as an introductory offer.
Last year's offering, Scouse Pacific, was set on a sun-kissed south sea island.
He showed me Liverpool and the Albert Dock and we took lunch in an upmarket hostelry that had Scouse as its blackboard special.