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People involved in such treasonable acts should not be allowed to pay Sh50,000 and walk away scot-free.
ISLAMABAD -- PTI chairman Imran Khan has said CIA agent Raymond Davis book has proved the country's leadership collaborated with each other to let a murderer go scot-free.
If he's not delivered to them in half an hour, he gets away scot-free.
PPP Chairman said that this incident should not go scot-free and even the religious scholars and Ulema should stand up because Hafiz Hamdullah's behavior has been equally insulting and disgraceful for them and entire nation.
Crimes like this deserve jail; these thugs got away virtually scot-free with a community sentence.
The only winners from these scandals are criminals who get away scot-free because the police are chasing the wrong people or, at worst, in the pocket of very nasty villains.
If a party has billions of dollars at its disposal, it does not mean that it can stage terrorist attacks here or there scot-free.
9 ( ANI ): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Balbir Punj on Saturday called for implementation of laws to ensure that those indulging in crimes against the feminine gender do not go scot-free and are duly punished.
However, it would rub salt into the wounds if some of the best paid civil and public servants are virtually getting off scot-free.
You can bet your bottom dollar that once again they will get off scot-free.
But the people who have got away scot-free are South Yorkshire Police.
He added: "Liverpool fans were implicit in the deaths of 39 innocent people, but it's still my view that UEFA walked away scot-free.
Vaiko said the investigating agency was known for pursuing some cases vigorously and ensuring conviction but it was also known for "cover-ups and allowing the accused to go scot-free.
At no cost, the criminals must go scot-free or stern actions will be initiated against you people," the Chief Minister has warned the police.
Say it in the courtroom and you will get off scot-free, according to High Court ruling.