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And those persons on whose head and shoulder falls the responsibility of implementing the laws when they are found wanting in discharging their duties, obviously the criminals those who are accused of harassing women, carrying on crime against women they go scot-free and this encourages more and more criminals to commit crimes against women," said Punj.
Even the 26/11 handlers in the Pakistani army have also gone scot-free.
But the people who have got away scot-free are South Yorkshire Police.
Terming it an organized conspiracy to let loose the criminal elements to go scot-free, the MQM leader said he, on several occasions, apprised president, Prime Minister and Rehman Malik of activities of bhatta mafia and kidnapping for ransom going on in the city.
But critics claim the proposal could lead to drink-drivers getting away scot-free.
He added: "Liverpool fans were implicit in the deaths of 39 innocent people, but it's still my view that UEFA walked away scot-free.
At no cost, the criminals must go scot-free or stern actions will be initiated against you people," the Chief Minister has warned the police.
Say it in the courtroom and you will get off scot-free, according to High Court ruling.
When he walks away scot-free, Debbie wonders how her father keeps avoiding prison and is shocked to learn the truth - Cain is a police informant.
Although they have been able to punish McPhee, the person who passed him the drugs has got off scot-free.
on June 19 when three individuals--22-year-old Timmy Tomlinson, 26-year-old Jeffrey Craddock, and 29-year-old Shanna Seibers--broke into his house, but that didn't mean that the three criminals got away scot-free.
In spite of many northern mills closing from a lagging American housing market, Ramsay says the province has "gotten off relatively scot-free," in comparison to the Quebec neighbours where more than half the mills are shut down.
Few of us feel solidarity with the queer in Iraq who brings food to his friends because they're afraid to leave the house or the Jamaican activists driven from their homes by thugs who get off scot-free.
I would prefer he get tried here, but I'm glad he's not going to walk scot-free after killing a human being here,'' Shamlyan said.