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perennial south European herb having narrow entire leaves and solitary yellow flower heads and long black edible roots shaped like carrots

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Scorzonera can be left in the ground and like salsify the flowers are also eaten.
r, Alyssum alyssoides r, Arenaria serpyllifolia r, Crupina vulgaris r, Ferulago campestris r, Iris pumila r, Potentilla recta r, Scorzonera crispa r, Sedum acre r, S.
Meanwhile Rubus saxatilis, Scorzonera humilis, Calamagrostis epigejos, Pteridium aquilinum, Trientalis europaea, Peucedanum oreoselinum, Solidago virgaurea, Equisetum hyemale, Rubus idaeus occurred only in the burned site.
Se trata de un matorral dominado por Scorzonera albicans Cosson, Hormathophylla baetica P.
For example, next spring I will grow scorzonera, a root vegetable that is supposed to be quite tasty.
Parsley, parsnip, delphinium, larkspur and scorzonera seed rarely are viable for more than a year.
salsify"); and scorzonera (scorzonera hispanica), also known
3 Two rather uncommon root vegetables, Scorzonera and Salsify, can be lifted and stored in damp sand or old potting compost for spring use.
Hamburg parsley, which is grown for its parsnip-like roots, salsify and scorzonera, also need a long growing season.
The roots of some scorzoneras such as Scorzonera undulata (Asteraceae) are also highly edible.
Potatoes, green beans, and peppers arrived from the Americas: artichokes, broccoli, fennel, and scorzonera came from Italy; eggplants and cauliflower made their way from Middle East; and rhubarb completed the long journey from China.
The flowers of melilot, often used to flavor beer--and also cheese--are bright yellow, like scorzonera, a perennial plant with a root not unlike a carrot, which is highly delectable when fried in butter.
The Scorzonera is a genus belonging to the Asteraceae sunflower family which grows mainly in dry areas of Europe and Asia.
The species from genus Sterigmostemum, Alyssum, Scorzonera, Erysimum, Eremurus, Sonchus, and Lappula are common here.