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any of numerous carnivorous usually bottom-dwelling warm-water marine fishes found worldwide but most abundant in the Pacific

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(4-6) The scorpaenids are all bottom-dwelling fish that prefer to feed on smaller fish on relatively shallow reefs and in rocky lagoons.
The poorly hydrolyzable GTP analog [[S.sup.35]]guanosine 5'-[[gamma]-thio]triphosphate ([[S.sup.35]]GTP[S]) was used to monitor the modulation of signal transduction by the [A.sub.1] adenosine receptor agonist [N.sup.6]-R-(phenylisopropyl)adenosine (R-PIA) in brain membranes of the scorpaenids Sebastolobus alascanus and S.
Allosebastes, new subgenus for Sebastodes sinensis, scorpaenid fish of the Gulf of California.
Bathymetric demography, enzyme activity patterns, and bioenergetics of deep-living scorpaenid fishes (genera Sebastes and Sebastolobus): paradigms revisited.
Respiration parameter estimates came from studies of other Sebastes species or related scorpaenid fishes (Table 1).