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the scum formed by oxidation at the surface of molten metals


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Owing to the peculiar formation (open trap scoriae) along the eastern, southern and part of the western sides of the Lake the water sinks very rapidly and becomes very low during summer months but as it receives the drainage of a large extent of Country the water rises very quickly during winter, and first overflows into the scoriae at the point named, which has been facilitated to some extent by the channels formed by the aborigines for [begin strike through] fishin [end strike through] trapping eels trout &c.
Some have supposed that the Sun, from which so vast a quantity of light and heat is incessantly emanating, is a body in a state of combustion, and that the dark spots are nothing else than scoriae floating on its surface.
The rocky massif in which the Lalibela complex is set consists of basaltic scoriae embedded between two dark flows of basaltic lava, part of the Aiba formation (Asfawossen Asrat et al.
Elsewhere Emerson had shown his intellectual debt to the French Catholic Swedenborgian Guillaume Oegger, reprinting his claim that "material objects are necessarily kinds of scoriae of the substantial thoughts of the Creator, which must always preserve an exact relation to their first origin; in other words, visible nature must have a spiritual and a moral side.
25] Bakhtin claims that the classical image of the closed and completed body, "cleansed, as it were of all the scoriae of birth and development," (25) is challenged by the grotesque and the material bodily principle.