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an official who records the score during the progress of a game


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Players who are interested in donating to Nation Leagues canned food drive can bring their contribution to the Commissioner, referee or scorekeeper of their game for the week.
During the quarter, environmental site assessment activity declined in virtually all of the 100 metros modeled in ScoreKeeper.
In a contest of two attack-minded teams, the points tally could mount - and a tasty centre v winger match-up also suggests the scorekeeper could be busy.
The contracts often rely on the industry loss as defined by ISO's Property Claim Services unit or another industry scorekeeper.
A friend of mine once characterized his rapid rise in the corporate structure as starting as a player (salesman), moving to coach (sales manager) and then to scorekeeper (management).
Each team selects a scorekeeper who keeps track of points earned not only when playing Jeopardy, but any points team members earn throughout the school day.
Rejuvenated Norman had a spring in his step while sharing a smile with the scorekeeper as he headed to the 17th green after putting his tee shot two feet from the pin at the par-three hole.
The CFO is not just the scorekeeper who runs the numbers for the rest of the management team.
They don't want to be held accountable," says Stryjewski, who defends himself as "just a scorekeeper.
The reason: I'm "Hollywood's Scorekeeper," according to Joan--i.
What makes the drill triply as attractive is that it can serve as a competitive game, with the coach or a scorekeeper awarding two points for a basket and one for an assist.
ALEXANDER: In companies that use traditional cost accounting systems, the accountants have always been the scorekeeper.
EDR's ScoreKeeper State of the Market Report reported a 17% decline in the number of environmental site assessments conducted across the U.
Broadcast from New York University's Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, the program will feature host Peter Sagal and official judge and scorekeeper Carl Kasell leading the event, accompanied by panelists Paula Poundstone, Mo Rocca and Tom Bodett as they compete in front of a live audience.
UCLA has an official scorekeeper sitting there to catch any mistakes.