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an official who records the score during the progress of a game


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Players who are interested in donating to Nation Leagues canned food drive can bring their contribution to the Commissioner, referee or scorekeeper of their game for the week.
But a report released last night by the administration's own independent scorekeeper shows that the Democrat bill gets a failing grade.
What was the name of the giant baby and scorekeeper played by Matt Lucas in the TV show Shooting Stars?
C[pounds sterling]If CFOs want to concentrate on their strategic roles they need to streamline their scorekeeper and custodian roles, focus more on integrating financial and non-financial information, and build talented teams to share the workload.
Official scorer remains: Despite biting criticism from Howland for a scoring mix-up against Indiana -- Howland was upset UCLA's official scorekeeper Les Friedman did not recognize a foul was given to Luc Richard Mbah a Moute instead of Mata early in the second half -- Friedman will continue as the school's official scorekeeper against Pittsburgh.
In a contest of two attack-minded teams, the points tally could mount - and a tasty centre v winger match-up also suggests the scorekeeper could be busy.
The contracts often rely on the industry loss as defined by ISO's Property Claim Services unit or another industry scorekeeper.
A friend of mine once characterized his rapid rise in the corporate structure as starting as a player (salesman), moving to coach (sales manager) and then to scorekeeper (management).
Each team selects a scorekeeper who keeps track of points earned not only when playing Jeopardy, but any points team members earn throughout the school day.
Rejuvenated Norman had a spring in his step while sharing a smile with the scorekeeper as he headed to the 17th green after putting his tee shot two feet from the pin at the par-three hole.
The CFO is not just the scorekeeper who runs the numbers for the rest of the management team.
A slam is a poetry competition with poets, judges and a scorekeeper.
They don't want to be held accountable," says Stryjewski, who defends himself as "just a scorekeeper.
The reason: I'm "Hollywood's Scorekeeper," according to Joan--i.
What makes the drill triply as attractive is that it can serve as a competitive game, with the coach or a scorekeeper awarding two points for a basket and one for an assist.