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any of several small owls having ear tufts and a whistling call

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Scops owls are not a threatened species, and are endemic to the Philippines, according to Albertson Sagun, who oversees the PENRO wildlife division.
As nocturnal bird, scops owls feed on insects, and are not recommended as pets because they are not easy to feed.
He said the office has been trying to determine why the scops owls suddenly appeared in the province.
'This is the first time that scops owl were turned over to our office.
On foraging ecology of the scops owl (Otus scops) at the northern limit of its area.
Diet composition of Sokoke Scops Owl Otus ireneae in Arabuko-Sokoke Forest.
Although the Ural owls (355-580 g) are larger than the Japanese scops owls (135-200 g), both preyed upon the same small rodent species (Table 2).
Although the Ural owls are substantially larger than the Japanese scops owls, both species are large relative to the prey in question.
The Japanese scops owl (Otus semitorques) and Ural owl (Strix uralensis), found in the forests of northeastern China, differ in body size and foraging tactics, and are thus expected to prey on different rodent species.
A baby Cyprus scops owl, which was found on Saturday around noon dumped in a rubbish bin in the Acropolis are of Nicosia while still in its cage, is safely at the Game and Fauna service's wildlife rehabilitation centre, volunteers said on Monday.
"The Cyprus scops owl is an endemic protected subspecies.
Researchers who studied European scops owls found the hooting of males reflected their body weight.
Three eagle owls, three scops owls, eight Philippine lizards, 11 monitor lizards and five rat snakes were given the same treatment.
Bravo was caught allegedly trying to send a cargo of five styrofoam boxes containing 11 tarsiers, 11 snakes, 11 monitor lizards, 8 Sailfin lizards, three Scops owls and three Philippine Eagle owls, to a recipient in Japan.
They consisted of 11 tarsiers, three eagle owls, three scops owls, eight Philippine lizards, 11 monitor lizards and 5 rat snakes.