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a perversion in which a person receives sexual gratification from seeing the genitalia of others or witnessing others' sexual behavior

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There is thus ample room for verbal narratives to exploit in their audiences the scopophilia and voyeurism that drive the gaze of Mulvey's hypothetical male viewer, as we have already noted in the case of Euripides' presentation of the sacrifice of Polyxena; in fact, two of the three passages just cited use the trope of the superiority of autopsy over hearsay to elicit via a verbal narrative a visualization of the primary viewing experienced by a figure in the narrative.
10) Just as scopophilia becomes exhibitionism and the subject becomes the object, so does reflexivity involve a loop or turn.
One of the first impressions on viewing Nan Goldin's Scopophilia at the Matthew Marks Gallery is the recollection of a new poem by Wislawa Szymborska, "Thoughts that visit me on busy streets," in Here, in which she speculates:
Metzl, "From scopophilia to Survivor: a brief history of voyeurism," Textual Practice 18, no.
With sets and costumes designs directly inspired by Beardsley's drawings and dialogue directly taken from Wilde's play, the movie is also perhaps most noteworthy in our context for the 45-year-old Nazimova's decision to play the princess as a fourteen-year-old girl, thereby adding child molestation to the play's evident fascination with incest, scopophilia, and necrophilia.
Dit beteken dat die man as objek van aanskoue ongewoon is: 'Man's love of the gaze, his scopophilia, means that he cannot imagine woman as subject of the gaze or man as object of the gaze' (Reeser 2010:110).
Within Lucy's narrative, scopophilia presented by the male gaze and male-regulated gaze as it exists in both "Bluebeard" and "Schalken" is complicated and challenged by Lucy when she senses active constriction and scrutiny of her freedom by Paul.
I am also indebted to Mulvey's commentary on the cinematic gaze, in particular her contention that "the position of the spectators in the cinema is blatantly one of repression of their exhibitionism and projection of the repressed desire onto the performer" and that the cinema "develop[s] scopophilia in its narcissistic aspect" (17).
Hyde, as seen before in Tennant's Two Women of London, becomes the object of the ambiguous (medical) gaze, which simultaneously accommodates abjection and scopophilia, revulsion and visual pleasure.
Simmonds playfully rewrites the scopophilia of Far From the Madding Crowd to resuscitate and draw attention to the concept of the gaze as by no means "post" or "solved" by feminism.
Recognise your own scopophilia, your own fetishisation of the damage.
Mulvey discusses scopophilia (the pleasure of looking) as a sexually objectifying process where men objectify women through cinematic norms.
Enter a deeply handsome man with the authority of Empire, quietly but intently, who begins to reframe cinema and introduce me to scopophilia, an understanding of subtext and the radicality of subversion--something that art-school amazingly had left out.
While Kemal's "westernized," upper-class scopophilia reveals his objectifying of Fusun, the novel makes it clear that economic factors and class differences determine the "Western" or modern identity of the Turks and ultimately segregate them.
Like many others in other contexts, Spanos has recognized the tyranny of the reasoning eye in Moby-Dick, though presumably he would not want to reduce Ishmael here, unlike Mapple, to some scopophilia.