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Synonyms for scoopful

the quantity a scoop will hold


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At each location, a scoopful of sediment was collected from the upper, middle, and lower swash zones and passed through a l-ram sieve to remove fine sediment and minute infauna.
Aseptically transfer the scoopful of mixed culture on the Nutrient Agar medium.
Sadly, there's no room for even a scoopful of the restaurant's signature spumoni Italian ice-cream.
The boy goes toward the kitchen and soon comes back with a scoopful of potatoes wrapped in a paper towel.
Using a 1-ounce (1/8 cup; 30-mL) ice cream scoop, place scoopfuls of batter onto a sheet pan covered with parchment paper; space each scoopful 3 inches (7.
It's always tempting to get a scoopful of nuts or dried fruit when you pass those bulk bins at the local market.
To serve: Put a scoopful of potatoes on each plate and scoop the aubergine flesh alongside.
Apollinaire shuddered and dropped a whole scoopful of black beans on the floor.
SEATTLE -- Lovin' Scoopful, a premium ice cream company founded by Maria Shriver, Tim Shriver and partners to benefit nonprofits that support those with intellectual challenges, proudly announces the winners of its 2nd annual Lovin' Compassion Awards, which recognizes young visionaries from around the country who are involved in programs that foster respect, inclusion and a true personal connection for people with differences.
Also in May we noted that smaller companies-specifically Los Angeles-based Lovin' Scoopful found Facebook and other social media to be a great way to connect with fans and expand their marketing reach.
In fact, the robotic arm's first attempt to deliver a delicate scoopful for analysis resulted in a clumpy clod that choked the experiment's inlet.