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Synonyms for scoff

gobble (up)


Synonyms for scoff

to make fun or make fun of

an instance of mockery or derision

Synonyms for scoff

showing your contempt by derision

laugh at with contempt and derision

treat with contemptuous disregard

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The new Simple Scoff reflects both the transformation in eating habits in the half-century since the founding of the University of Warwick, and also the commitment to the lifeaffirming qualities of honest, tasty food that underpinned the original Simple Scoff.
3 Another study using SCOFF questionnaire reported that 307 out of 446 (68.
Out of the nine clinical findings, three showed significant correlation with SCOFF [(periomylolysis (p=0.
In short, our aim was to perform a systematic review and meta-analysis to summarize the literature on assessments of the diagnostic efficacy of the SCOFF for detecting ED.
MANY WILL SCOFF AT THE IDEA OF A VEGETARIAN ATHLETE, believing that a serious competitor must wolf down steaks and swallow eggs by the carton-full.
He chides those who scoff at her small sacrifices (such as folding the mantles that the other sisters had forgotten) as "spiritual snobs
Led by such scholars as Keith Wrightson and James Scoff, they have gone beyond the mere description of class structure and attempted to analyze the relationships between dominant and subordinate groups--the role of hierarchies and the use of power.
BAT officials scoff at the notion that tobacco is anywhere near as serious as the many other challenges facing Africa.
While some may scoff at their optimistic approach to empowering wayward teens, DeJesus and Dolphin are letting the numbers speak for themselves.
As Fred will probably recall, I was among the first to scoff at both of those models and never participated in either, but we traditional print publishers should not infer too much from their demise.
Look out across the pristine family operations that account for nearly 50 percent of all privately owned woodlands, and you're likely to scoff that a cry of alarm over the state of family-owned forestland is nothing more than an overreaction.
Today, with Communism defeated or in retreat nearly everywhere, it is easy to scoff at the rack of dominos.
YELLS ALOUD: Sarah and boyfriend Tom enjoy the fairground rides; SCOFF COLOUR: Sarah; PICTURE EXCLUSIVE Pictures: MATRIXPHOTOS.
Fearful that the mother is about to lose her job, the family cuts back on expenses just as Nesta begins to go out with a wealthy boy who has some snobbish friends who scoff at her clothes and her color.
Yes the dog talks however before you scoff and disregard this book, you should know that Zeus speaks with the wisdom of the ages.