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Synonyms for scoff

gobble (up)


Synonyms for scoff

to make fun or make fun of

an instance of mockery or derision

Synonyms for scoff

showing your contempt by derision

laugh at with contempt and derision

treat with contemptuous disregard

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Simple Scoff consisted of recipes and cooking advice contributed by students and other members of the university community, aimed explicitly at students.
Scoff and Quaff now operates six pubs in Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.
SCOFF is an initiative taken by the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies to facilitate further cementing regional cooperation among SCO member states.
A total of 1,134 female students participated in the study and 736 (64.9%) respondents scored two or higher on the SCOFF scale; 461 (66.5%) out of 693 were aged 16 to 18, while 275 (62.4%) out of 441 were aged 19 to 20.
Scoff 's first focus is a pop-up project each Saturday at the Cask and Bottle in Leamington Spa where traders will take turns each week to take over the kitchen delivering pub grub with a twist.
Several studies have examined the psychometric characteristics of the SCOFF, both in the original version and in its translation into several other languages (see Table 1).
Though we Catholics might scoff at such a fundamentalist reading of scripture, another piece of wisdom, somewhat better known than Timothy's, applies: Those who live in (stained) glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
MANY WILL SCOFF AT THE IDEA OF A VEGETARIAN ATHLETE, believing that a serious competitor must wolf down steaks and swallow eggs by the carton-full.
Florida FTAA leaders scoff. "There's one gateway to Latin America and that's Miami," says Florida FTAA Executive Director Jorge Arrizurieta.
He chides those who scoff at her small sacrifices (such as folding the mantles that the other sisters had forgotten) as "spiritual snobs!"
Led by such scholars as Keith Wrightson and James Scoff, they have gone beyond the mere description of class structure and attempted to analyze the relationships between dominant and subordinate groups--the role of hierarchies and the use of power.
BAT officials scoff at the notion that tobacco is anywhere near as serious as the many other challenges facing Africa.
While some may scoff at their optimistic approach to empowering wayward teens, DeJesus and Dolphin are letting the numbers speak for themselves.
All we've got say about the Nirvana "Greatest Hits" collection (read: singles plus one) is that you guys are technologically advanced and Courtney's pockets are heavy enough, so break out the burner and start with "Scoff," "Radio Friendly Unit Shifter," "School" and others.
Functional Fillers for Plastics 2002 Conference, Wyndham Bristol Place Toronto Airport Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Scoff Stephenson (207) 781-9800--September 18-20.