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hard plate or element of the exoskeleton of some arthropods

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Signs of sclerotization in the form of invading connective tissue fibers were detected in the parenchyma of the ovary.
Newly emerged imagines were kept in a cool dark place for 24-48 hours for sclerotization of cuticle.
The role of tyrosinase is different in different kingdoms, as in invertebrates they play a crucial task in defense and sclerotization reactions [73].
The variability (especially partial fusion) in the expression of the trait may reflect differences in the degree of integumental sclerotization, rather than in the actual fusing of segments.
The duration of the clearing phase was dependent on the degree of sclerotization. The specimens were examined and illustrated with an Olympus BH-2 compound microscope and drawing tube attachment.
(2012) have shown that alkyl phenols interfere with tyrosine cross-linking, a process important for sclerotization, in the newly molted cuticle of lobsters.
The larval instars can be easily distinguished from the large worker instar as the larvae is fragile/inactive and white due to the absence of sclerotization (including mandibles) and the gut appears empty and colorless.
Undescribed matine primary anatomical features presented herein include: i) anterior tentorial pits and fragments of the anterior tentorial arms; ii) pronotal anterior modifications and chaetotaxy; and iii) complete sclerotization of the seventh abdominal segment.
(1999) suggested that the fluorescent molecule functions in sclerotization. To test this hypothesis, experiments can be designed to test the effects of fluorescence reduction on cuticle strength.
Also, it has a role during sclerotization of new exoskeleton in molting insects.