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relating to or having sclerosis


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In addition to the above-mentioned tumors with fibroblast or myofibroblast features, there are still other tumors with different surgical treatment and prognosis needed to be distinguished with desmoplastic fibroblastoma such as nodular fasciitis, sclerotic fibroma, neurofibroma, and low-grade fibromyxoid sarcoma.
Caption: This indurated, morpheaform-like plaque with a sclerotic lesion occurred in a patient with chronic GVHD.
The presence of sclerotic body, septate hyphae, intracellular wall in the spores, and the vegetable cells confirmed that the chromoblastomycosis infection occurred following inoculation of contaminated wood particle.
Despite the sclerotic nature of bone, durable osseointegration with cementless implants has been observed.
Post-therapy CT images of the lumbar spine demonstrate osseous sclerotic response with several new sclerotic lesions.
3,4Variants include confluent nodules forming a sclerotic plaque-likelesion, keloid-like sclerotic plaque, tumor-like and atrophic plaque.
Several causes for diffuse sclerotic bone lesions have been reported.
This lesion is characteristically a well-defined geographic lytic lesion with a sclerotic border, suggesting an indolent growth pattern (Figure 1).
On pathohistologic study, the tumor was well defined and composed of round stromal cells and surface cells arranged in a papillary, sclerotic, solid and hemorrhagic pattern.
The patients postoperative course was satisfactory The pathologic diagnosis was described as a sclerotic bony lesion consisting of trabecular bone surrounding tan-brown soft tissue.
A 74-year-old overweight Caucasian male referred to our clinic for sclerotic cutaneous involvement of the abdominopelvic region.
USPRwire, Mon Jul 27 2015] After several years of sclerotic growth, 2014 represented a third consecutive year when growth bettered that of the previous year.
Gilenya (Fingolimod also appointed), a drug currently used in the treatment of sclerotic Pink Sheets, and its active phosphorylated derivative.
Mixed sclerotic and lytic lesion of the bone with/without associated