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relating to or having sclerosis


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001); in CsA treated group diameter of the glomerulus was significantly reduced when compared to groups A and D, this is in agreement with previous studies on CsA induced nephropathy which reported sclerosed and shrunken glomeruli with widening of Bowman's space.
Werner's syndrome is a rare inherited disorder characterized by short stature, sclerosed skin, cataract and premature aging of the face.
Although some scholars, such as Huntington Leff and Lui, stress the positive impact of corruption on the economic growth of sclerosed society, experts usually believe that the short-term gains involved by corrupt practices are counterbalanced by its long-term negative effects, including spillover effects, the perpetuation of an insecure business climate, the additional burden on people unable or unwilling to bribe and the delay of actual state reform (Rose-Ackerman 1999: 16-17).
d-Koraitimmi reported that on excising the sclerosed prostatic apex, the urethra mucosa should be pulled down and fixed to the prostatic capsule, to be sure for proper mucosa to mucosa anastomosis.
One place where we will find discussion of soap opera is in textbooks and this hidden but important work indicates how debate about soap opera has sclerosed.
The darker and more sclerosed part on the back of the cephalothorax includes a central anterior region in form of a violin, the "neck" pointing towards the abdomen [17] from where the name "violin spider" or "fiddle back spiders" derives [8,45,71] (Figure 1).
Microemboli can break away from a sclerosed plaque in the carotid artery or from cardiac sources such as atrial fibrillation, patent foramen ovale, or a hypokinetic left ventricle (Hickey, 2003).
Radiographically root development of 37 was complete, the lamina dura was continuous apically and the root canals were partially sclerosed.
Of those, the investigators accepted only kidneys with less than 15% sclerosed glomeruli and no worse than mild vasculopathy, fibrosis, and tubular atrophy.
Avoid using veins that are sclerosed, bruised, hard, bumpy or flat.
When peripheral veins become sclerosed as a result of a long history of injections, end-stage intravenous drug abusers often resort to injecting substances into deep cervical neck veins.
This usually resorbs over several months, at which point the successfully sclerosed vein becomes a cord that may be difficult to find with US.
Imaging studies revealed not only sclerosed, inadequate vessels but also needle shards that had broken off during bouts of drug use and were lodged in various parts of his arms and thorax.
The common obstacles one faces during this crucial part of the treatment are in the form of calcified canals, pulp stones, dentinal obstructions and sclerosed canals.