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relating to or having sclerosis


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The NTN model shows the presence of chronically progressing kidney damage detected by significant impairment of mesangial expansion and increased globally sclerosed glomeruli between each time point in both strains.
Hepatic sclerosing and sclerosed hemangiomas are very rare benign tumor, but the mechanism responsible for the degenerative changes in hepatic cavernous hemangioma has not been well clarified.
Segmental and global sclerosed glomeruli were reported as a percentage of the total number of glomeruli counted in one quadrant.
Light microscopic examination showed 26 glomeruli, of which 5 were globally sclerosed. The remaining glomeruli showed moderate to marked increase in mesangial matrix, moderate increase in mesangial cellularity, and marked nodular accentuation of the glomerular tufts (Figure 1).
Left tibial biopsy was performed to rule out malignancy and showed marrow infiltration with sheets of foamy histiocytes with the presence of sclerosed trabeculae.
A, Markedly sclerosed papilloma with minimal epithelial elements.
The unprotected bone subsequently becomes sclerosed and may grow bony projections into the cavity, deforming the bone and joint and sometimes snapping off, forming fragments in the joint cavity that further damage cartilage and the synovium.
Solution: Scarred and sclerosed veins can be impossible for the phlebotomist to locate and access.
Cellar infiltration was slight in the interstitium except around some sclerosed glomeruli.
The biopsy revealed 6 glomeruli, 3 of which were globally sclerosed and the other 3 showed diffuse mesengial cell hyperplasia.
The varices are visualized by barium swallow or endoscopy and can be immediately sclerosed.
Two out of these had more than 50% sclerosed glomeruli with fibrous crescents at presentation and their renal functions did not improve with treatment.