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relating to or having sclerosis


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In the left kidney, 155 glomeruli were seen; 19% were sclerosed, and mild arteriosclerosis and mild patchy interstitial fibrosis were found.
Radiographically root development of 37 was complete, the lamina dura was continuous apically and the root canals were partially sclerosed.
Of those, the investigators accepted only kidneys with less than 15% sclerosed glomeruli and no worse than mild vasculopathy, fibrosis, and tubular atrophy.
When peripheral veins become sclerosed as a result of a long history of injections, end-stage intravenous drug abusers often resort to injecting substances into deep cervical neck veins.
The solution causes the veins to become sclerosed and reabsorbed by the body before they become varicosed.
This usually resorbs over several months, at which point the successfully sclerosed vein becomes a cord that may be difficult to find with US.
The common obstacles one faces during this crucial part of the treatment are in the form of calcified canals, pulp stones, dentinal obstructions and sclerosed canals.
Sometimes the phlebotomist must choose a site on arms, hands, or feet in which veins are bruised and sclerosed.
Although a few sclerosed tubules may still be compatible with a normal aging testis, larger or contiguous areas of sclerosis are distinctly pathologic.