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Ma il linguaggio del corpo non lascia dubbi e Ifigenia non puo esimersi dal registrare questa scissura fra le parole, apparentemente rassicuranti (eppure oscure al v.
The meaning of subsedit, if scissura is its subject, is not at all clear; can a cut in a vein be said to subside?
Scissura, president & CEO of the New York Building Congress, in a statement last week.
New York Building Congress President and CEO Carlo Scissura praised the infrastructure-heavy agenda laid out in the state of the state address as well as the governor's continued commitment to the Gateway project, which aims to run a high-speed rail line through a new tunnel between New York and New Jersey.
The Bronx is experiencing positive momentum and is benefitting from continued strong investment from both the public and private sectors," Building Congress President and CEO Carlo Scissura said.
Scissura began the program by discussing the strength of the construction industry and the role of the building community in the growth of the city's economy.
Scissura attributed this surge to growing demand for services, a commitment to education at city hall and Gov.
Similarly, Real Estate Board of New York president John Banks and New York Building Congress chief executive Carlo Scissura, leaders the two biggest real estate trade groups in the city, both lauded de Blasio's housing record.
Caption: Pictured at the NYBC event are l-r: Carlo Scissura, Cesar Claro, Staten Island EDC president, Regina Myer, Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, Ruben Diaz, Alan SUna.
Shortly after taking office, Mayor Bill de Blasio laid out an ambitious affordable housing agenda and promised to provide the resources necessary to achieve it," Building Congress president and chief executive Carlo Scissura said.
Scissura, president and chief executive of the New York Builders Congress said.